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Olicognography Method

The structure of package is organized after index with a first level (or layer) of written introductions. In text's some links are given. They bring you to 2 other levels of documents mostly graphical synthesis. First of these levels are olicognographs, our sort of ideographs: the display we propose for shaping your practice shown here a proposal of logical frame ("logical ball") to overview problems, but they must be seen very plastic, with the hope that one day they will be modular and interactive. They are to help manage complexities management, multidisciplinary social problems and train your sense of synthesis in " the realistic democratic adaptations to you reality". Next level of documents is made of web-pages - conceived as nodes of essential information, in a web of links. Here links are still restricted by our determination and our pool of basic documents (many hundreds of pages).

Since these 2 layers you are in sorts of mazes of highly connected. Links are carried by frame around. Intuitive geometric logic should guide you. In the mazes proceed quietly, do not expect too much yet as exactly as you dreamed of technical information. If tired or lost, you have in upper left corner a small set of links to get you out or get back to starting register or another one.

Olicognography has a multipurpose aim. Some steps out reductionist philosophy (or cartesianism or linear or maniqueist executive). Against so: "whom is not with me is with my ennemies". As a result we have interested in systems, modularity, visual cognition, parallel processing, collective thinking, uncertainty, flexibility and so on.

Olicognographs have the ambition to be integrative tools. You do not need to share all the philosophy. For this website dedicated to humanist development, if we can suggest to care humane criteria and cross essential knowledge; criteria are not exactly defined.

Trying to put together many different assumptions is hard.Also we do not have specific thesis, but many criteria on what sort would be "wholist perspective" could need for being qualified as not uniquemindedness determinist. Care to not be deceived by approximations or complexities of explainations of this complex package. Be, one day may be the last goal of this website, to provide you with information you did not imagine that it could match so well with what you unconsciously hoped, for solving your wise local and common humanity.