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More than 5 or 6 showing a unit, a ball or the cube of a state, is for study of picture, and some properties, especially if showing local irregularities, some that could make it more livable, open to inclusions. Standard may take advange of properties, being these, at least, the one suggested by overal unity of systemic order or as we have said, the minimum-maximum complexity unit. For example, which minimum cardinal could start a "system"?

If you mind your subject or object somewhere on complex scale(s). The maximum degree of complexity looks like what it contains within. Allowing its existence and reproduction (say a human body) and minimum capability to move itself in its' environment. Move in its environment? - to catch the inputs it needs for renew and reproduce. Both maximum and minimum coincide closelly but not perfectly. Not perfectly because there are variations, moments and specific places for the unit as well as for its environment. Homogeneous media are not very useful to show forces, gradients: some reason to pretend to homogeneity (since it is already there), like the good old days of its time, which was the achievment of others remembering also their good old days: evolution. Perspective of definition also vary: maximum complexity of self-unit is more inner defined (genetic pool, training, stage of your life and so on). Minimum complexity may refer to environment.

Overall we think that rather than a maximum, there could be the saddle line of the path, like a suspended way (over troubled waters). Life and optima is not about to get to the top and have the maximum but, along your normal life's average expectation to get on having the steps of your pathway, not too hard for going on. Conquer the top is useless if you cannoth get back to the valley.


Twice 4 is a very useful frame, that can make us more confortable with binomial which are also useful in dualistic perspective. It is also 2 x 2 x 2 And more at ease with complex concept characterized or parametrized or pointed at. Many complex duals or duos can apply, the sort of analytic-practical, judgment-application, similar-different, and so on.


If a process of control can often start with 4 cardinal points, to catch the point, over what it looks at may follow the same cardinal. Say Prime number 7 is like 6 (a cubic or 6 directions of a sphere + 1 like suggesting a complex vector (material-volume plus a direction)..

8, if 8 could be the cardinal to which you point can be otained by 4 x 2; 4 x 2; 6 + 2; 2 x 2 x 2, 1 + 6 + 1.

Also to mind backward and what we said somewhere, about degree of freedom. If you have 1, there are many situations where you will have to explore 9 - 1 = 8


When not unit, 6 looks like more discrimination, o separation like in an argumentation: 2 systems of questions (triangles) separated. Between two tops or apexes of 6 branches star angle of 60, diverging from equality (45). Between 2 branches of octogon just 45, it may have a sense of equal balance. See like a self satisfying abuse. A sector 90. 60 for me, 30 for you, that is not fair? - well one piece for me, one piece for you, one piece for tomorrow, but I will keep it (for you?). Same sector 45 piece for me, 45 piece for you, we are equal, fair for both.

Look like the octogon smoother and still differenciate. Further than? convergence. 4 + 4 = 2 good balance better cleaver judgments. Is that already complex? - not much so. it is a bit static, should we mind transition? - it could be better to have 8 + 1.

Remind the yan and ying? - let us count: 2 colors, 2 forms, 1 unit, 1 interface, subforms in the form: the different point: 1; the wide shape: 1; the thin shape: 1. We could see more, speaking of symmetries, deducing or not what we have: 2 + 2(3) + 1 + 1 = 10. Mind if if basic complex, thus 8 is not so complicated.

What about 9 ? - mind where transitivity - non transitivity can emerge. What is transitivity ? - If you choose A because superior to B, than if B superior to C you will find A superior to C. It is not transitivity if for one reason or the other you will prefer despite the previous A superior to B and B superior to C you will prefer C to A. In simple things this may look like absurd. In half complicated things, it is your choice but one will suspect that you have hidden criteria, or strategically positionning, or conditionned preference or something else. With complex things or as we think, discrimination may be commonly very tiny and such sort of situation of non transitivity very common too. Lack of informations, multiplicity of conditionning and so on.

3 frames of questions in 3 sectors, that is 9 make easy sorts of strange things are replicators, bifurcations, and many other things. So may be between 8 - 10 concepts where start minimum cardinals of complexity, with more simple subshape.

Anyhow its time to be more pratical, or less esoteric


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