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4 Around your Balance

Better 3 and a bit more

3 open a doubt so a question: what ? - between yes and no. 3 can position: like a triangulation in geopositionning. You can dialogue have your back cared, left and right: look at me. Position? - 3 dual dimensions: up / down, left / right, in front / behind. More complicated ... mind also the geometric properties of 3 star or tripode in a simple euclidean system: no axis are unrelated (cutting one another only by right angles), and all oppose at some degree. Euclidean system is the geometry of right angles and planes (and further than) without curvature (more than 3 or 4 it turns less intuitive). Axis uncorrelated ? in an Euclidean referred system it is when a line pictures a collection (group of valuess, data series) does not vary according one or the other axis. This and this curve are disposed perpendicularly (one line change its values indifferent to compared axis or other line-picturing) so non correlated (while the value when crossing this may be its scale's value).

Mathematics have too insisted upon that you solve simple operations fast and properly, meaningfull or nor. But not with the means we have, it should be more important to understand and set well the problem, especially since well specified systems can often be solve quite automatically, and provide with results that can be well crossed checked . We should revalue mathematics and logic epistemology, for better incorporation in practical life philosophy.

So a 3 branches star. If we use what is said "ortho-normal property"(perpendicular property) and see any object defined respect to the center of the star, positionned with positive value, we delimit an area if branches in the same plane (a picture) or model a volume: length - width - depth (no so hard?). latitude - longitude - altitude, if tripode branches are in different planes (by pair of axis). Volume are like real subject (made analytical object by the process of referring it). Real subject (with or without life) has just positive "absolute" values. Negative value would be relative, like before (before after) or contrary (negative respect to positive). For example, telling what the subject is not: "it's not a bird, it's not a plane, it's ...

Our sense of subject is a complex being or an object (subject to our interest). Observer is systemic in our devices (quantic mechanics systematically include an observer, like a measuring device). Some kinds of subjects are real. Our kinds of objects are generally abstract about something significant like a subject.

Now see how it is better to let behind monovariate, isolated bivariate simple systems or any system of quantification that start since the most simple one or two: humans are lazzy; start with 2 compartments, 2 sectors, the good and the evil, and they will not care for doubt, confusion, questions: "I want that" (and do no care for how I could).

So real subject starts at 3 and 1/2 if we mind time not turning back: time irreversible, so like an half dimension. Or we may think time a natural one dimension but broken at the middle: as with an angle. This would made 3 positive dimensions and the 4th a V (or a hook?). Triangulation, catches a point with 3. This may be good on a plane space or a map. In chemistry, mind basic molecule of 3 atoms. For example ozone is made of 3 atoms of oxygens, but it is quite reactive.

Molecules of 3 atoms but 2 different, the most interesting to us is water: 2 hydrogen atoms for 1 atom of oxygen. Quite stable except a slight irregularity among all other molecules that makes it able to be polarized by electric charges (2H+; O2- with an asymmetric mocule) or an oriented bipole of (-) and (+). This makes  an extrordinary property of a slightly uncommon behavior; observed like when phase changing, for example: liquid water to ice. Polarizability starts a structure, neighbouring electric charge molecules somehow ordering. Be these neighbors other water molecules making a strange fluid: somehow oriented. A volume of water because of that perhaps making it the most probable molecule of life for "sweet oriented transformations". Now the most uncommon of its behavior is when in a change of phases: from ice to liquid water. Water molecules in ice shape expand in volume and so float (less density). This so naturally common is in fact an uncared slight abnormal property: solid contraction in other liquid to solid changes, makes their solid sink, but water not: ice expands (good for life, bad winters for pipes). Slight difference which sustain life. Strange properties, that made "water's memories" less esoteric.

4 Conceptual

4 makes positionning easier in a volume, it checks or it points to. Most compact volumic form is tetraedron and in chemistry we have crystal disposal of carbon, the second shaping molecules of life making organic chemistry and diamond tend to relate with 4 links (perfect tetraedral disposal of carbon atoms) making the hardest solid we know. Carbon has other strange pure meso-shapes as in leaves (as in anthracit) or bucky balls (fullerens). Tetrahedron has an atom at the center of a triadic pyramid. Not the lone but also quite best candidate for biological shape. Not to be surprised that so basic in amino-acids of proteins combine ambiguity from a ketone & hydroxdy radicals =O & -OH and nitric -NH2 (all relating to same C letting one to specify the special amino-acid). Amino acids another strangeness so essential and common to life. Not to be surprised.

If an abstract is necessarilly defined also by its surroundings or neigbours , whatever the cuts or overlaps we mind, that starts a good matrix. In a volume, indeed that will be 6 sides left-right-up-dow-front-behind cube. But 4 already makes a good approach. We even not see it, but if systematically mind, in our way to think. Why complex concepts should be treated so simple? - for allowing fallacious theories ? avoid consistency?. Position any ideas on a 4 sectors map is not common. Most of our political ideas want only to point to the one concepts that will solve any or in a maniqueistic way the good and the bad. Wise the civilizations that have some ressources to mind strategical, but to where simple executiveness is leading us, because leadering the World? - to another round of mistakes?

For example of the simple concept of market. Much has been summerized: believers (good) and non believers (bad). The supply and demand almost systematically ignored, especially in "pedagogic advertizing", the way it was promoted as an ideological faith, ignoring that its X curves see at least 4 sectors. Not to imagine that each sectors, could be filled by different expectations. Alternative behaviors was ignored. Like the one choosing between a self-made answer to its needs is a "buying positive attitude" according power purchase. Confusion in simplifications reached an extremelly short closure, at 2 or 3 degrees less, with no degree of freedom, to avoid complications only unreality they reached. 

If a balance is between 2 values, it cannot miss that to work not in a rigid way, it must consider too 3 positions minimum - middle - maximum and also the perpendicular axis of its motion; to delimit the mechanism. This especially takes sense in the process. Without getting into more complicated properties.


What we do in common, the way to reach social efficiency, may need simplifications and converge of visual frameworks. As we suggest, that could overlook in a systemic way, at mechanism of scale and under scrutiny for complexity. Enough may be for essential inputs than finish the specification in practice and, yes definitions, but yours'. Later can be cared in a coherent and consistent way by communities. Including the sort of concern of good relationships between neighboring communities, principles of common humanitie(s), including what good be accepted to be done, for Earth's problems.

More than propaganda on good things to do, by those with best profits (like actors leading Global Earth ecology - whatever their sincerity and good will be) or inflations of distant advices, as academically good as they could be, because objectivelly, all the medias promote a virtual society, full of fake "information". The sort of suggestions and knowledge, may not be just of what others should do, for you model of consumptive society but, how you care their interest and save their time, to dedicate it to what they feel serious, essential and good to do.

Complex 4

We can catch a concept like through a double balance with 4 concepts, like the 4 cardinal points (north, south, east, west - useful on Earth plane). Good set of contraries and complementaries which may extent to arguments: define your 4 neighbors around if the reason why they are your neighbors is (or not) not at random. Given an abstract unknown, position, concept and so on, a formalism of the kind should be quite useful. This indeed already exists in physics (quaternions). Even if our purpose is not to reach the perfect formula and formal management: let that to software algebra expert and just try to match more formally believable model to observed situation(s).

We mentioned 4 cardinal points, also think about offer and supply, often visioned as an X more or less stable. Make the picture more general; you will see so economics in a less religious way. 4 surrounding somethings to refer is just a good picture for relative definitions, especially if complex. May be this could also be minded when thinking about 4 fundamental forces. For mathematicians and theoreticians just to mention that most 2D or plane representations are showed so 2 crossing lines, passing by 4 points. Main  components analysis  specifies especially 2 axis and position them according others, and so on. Even if your sensibility is not very open to these technicalities, we can intuitively think about and infere many things, analyzing relations between 2 objects.


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