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Qualified Quantities

Cardinals or Ordinals ? - when Both

Numbers have dual sense: 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5 each can have both a status and position in a scale. Say simply 5 persons all one and in the way they are accounted, each different according the moment, numbered as the first, second or third and so on: one moment: here for example made all them 1 equal (almost never in reality) and set rank after time of arrival. Or each too, sucessively including the previous from one to another + 1 making 5 = 4 + 1 = (3 + 1) + 1 = (2 + 1) + 1 + 1 = 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1. Concepts that mixes order or ranks, cardinal units or ordinal. As nature shows or as we assume: be aware of what you mean.

See being together. There are different ways to be together and this like a sequence of properties and why to think that all should be only all at once, together ? Together can means:

Complex Cardinals

Out of metaphysics existentials tricks, let think about a complex society? - How could you mind that for any place their could be exactly only one rational mixture of defined abstracts of human values, wishing this one mine should be your's? - All the same, everywhere on Earth, that any cultural context should accept, as the etho-ethic-logical principle that should be obeyed? - unique lindedness. Ignoring different technological working capital, not even respecting honnest distributions of essential means like of energy, matter and entropy? - absurd. While fundamental principles most common to all are too often ignored by soft sciences experts, thrown away by specialists, improperly examined, uninfluenced they are by formulation or criteria and interpretations that could make them part of a democratic program... endemic academics.

See civilizations, despite that structural principles of building are not esoteric, where algebra of the simple universal kind can apply, in all world traditionnal architectures, none disobeying the structural rules, none have produced the same houses, same temples or same towns. Globalization promoted formalized structural rules and the programs of calculus for few cubic. What globalization produced has not been the same slums (out their widespread) because slum's culture is strong and too dependent from homes' close dumps sources of material and genuine individual skills necessary. Global village architecture shows 2 very looking alike neighbours: the copied clarks' bee nest of business center (dull forest of high buildings) and low cost post social ones (now most full of psychotic violence) areas of cubics dormitories full of unrest, shouts and soon to come outbursts: global village dormitories in suburbs of rational economics of violence, thugs and drugs.

Building democracies and societies should mind situations, projects, programs as genuine mixtures of operations for better adaptation to conditions. Essential scientific principles, will certainly prevail over time and, but according intituive knowledge or formal able local legitimate actors, they could have a more or less conscious practice. Mind them, so they could find, more freely, some proper social algebra and criteria. By imitation or consensus they can be adapted to genuine management and face their problems. Rather than forcing them to behave, according rigid of social algebra made universal receipt. Only to bring from one place to another essential and not reduced knowledge, that can inspire appropriation. Support explorations, inputs essential technological knowledge, take care too that technology need to be appropriated and essential evidence, not dress up for the service of uniformizing hegemony, as good as it could seem by proponant.

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