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Symbolic & Mnemonic

Structure Shapes at Multilevels

Frame with branching process is a balance between your intentions and consistent knowledge. Equivalent to say relevant processes and consistent questions. Functional ones are mentioned elsewhere, in another page. Branching processes can be suggested by:

Mnemonic Aids

To help you to recall effects, small graph special diagrams of principles when applying preliminary abstractions with geometric disposal, we use some intuitive symbols. Eventually some of those are from religious origin. We have no religious proselytist purpose neither antireligious ones. Interpretations of religions may be variably obscur for multipurpose intentions. These visual helps can often be seen as common sense keys, wisdom tips and all this has to do with our pragmatic purpose.

Religions have often add to their basic book (or indirectly books of interpretation) quotes, notes and graphical tips to clear sense or at the contrary suggesting esoteric interpretations. Interpretations have been called exegesis. Any religion has visual and voluntary intermediate signs to help mind or recall. Which, on one side give some clues to modern interpretators, to empower them and a flexibility so as could be seen as modern and permanent, often sustain religion over the times. So as interpretators can adapt according circumstances and societies.

This plasticity can be taken for good or for bad. According you opinion on a given kind of religion. Now it is not our aim to ignore any good thing that do not harm others. But practically, a very interesting effect in all that, is that strong symbols help to evoque and support imagination. Some symbols stood and broaden their use: far from their original culture. See our use of Yin & Yang. The symbol links to abstract concepts that can, in a complex picture, guide the way to read them.

Omega Example

Omega greek letter follow a triadic logic, where higher surrounding part looks like not fully enclosed. That is with big and open contain and 2 feets that could be seen as instrumental of the first one. The case with which a given shape have been flexibly used for practical purpose and the nextcomming system of interpretation


This is a good visual tip to mind trios where most important is large and complex and others are instrumental means. Very simply a mnemotechnic symbolic tip we have in mind when like with subgroup of values:

We can too imagine sort of trios relevant in fundamental science, especially if there can be a proper scientific identification. Examine for example the proposals:

Or to review our "religious insight", see that we have a bit the same cognitive frame when we mind about:

Indeed, consider some precautions. Abuse of symbols have systematically existed too. Abuses for perverse use of social identifying symbols should be avoided, and new symbols are welcomed. We have no purpose of esoteric interpretations, our are more mnemonic tips. Some symbols, especially religious ones have turned quite insulting to many. Difficulties are that quite suggestive good symbols look like carrying a truth and pose problem if perverted. They can mean something very wrong and even horrible. The point is: does a good symbol? - that somehow has turned evil because of inhumane humans, should stay forever to them? with their wrong meaning or should be reappropriated or discovered a new positive meaning.


Indeed this derived one has philosophically much to do with India's wheel of fortune (not the TV game) and contrary, with an intermediate, looking like different form. But to us it has now an essential meaning for systemic quantitative exploration of relations, there you can cross 4 classifications, self correlate each and at best have an entry in and a flow out, put it at one scope (macro-meso-micro)

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