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Developing your logical ball (or other dynamic intuitive) as in circle, from 6 to 8, wave, stick flows and:or to fill a given amoeboid logical hole, which can change things, without harm at best within dense networks of social relations with consistent issues. Is more than 7 - 8 makes too many options, too confused? - consider more structure in shape or adding a layer of details, strata, another circle; sort of medium (for thick concepts) and so on.

Add a layer, a strata, while anchor to nucleus with links to core values, in different possible ways. Try within your core values, not to be too specified. You have, somehow not far one from another, to please the understanding of your assembling (since it will do) and try to reveal a pragmatic frame that could fitsand call essential knowledge and art of "democratic engineering management".

Mind your practical program. If you use what is called tautology (logical evidence said twice: "I affirm my affirmation") or truism (trivial evidence) , which are these sorts of truth by enunciate true is object is simple while uncaring complexity. Care that these human abstracts are not just for making a thesis, but practice with reality should not be too shortsighted by complete forced abstracts. How sophisticated very elaborated complications could be short sighted? - just think to all the things for which you are not qualified but need to care of; while not with the resource to satisfy theoretical specialist. Rather better to have criteria for real processes, to enlightened your path and know the Art of management of proceeding. Not to sink your practical purposes in an giant hole of perplexity. Wordily you pretend to manage? - dialectician. Conceptually you catch well ? - rhetorician. Both you pretend to do? - dogmatic!

Olicognography just hope that you will succeed and anyone could benefit from your success at their right due. For programming since practical things, you may start frame with 2 layers. One about essential physics categories, to apply to your problems and another layer of social values from your own (community?). Other values may merge, match, transform, put criteria, make to work other principles, set wise operations and so on, definitions flexible for good use.

With a frame, on a sheet of paper, mind that plane picture does not show volume easilly. Quite often, a given question or program will require, for overview, 3 olicognographs or ideographs combining each, 2 relative perspectives for good satisfaction of treatment. There are combinations, that is, if lettering A, B, C the 3 perspectives (which position a volume or a material point) then the following maps: AB, AC, BC. Be the things simple, 2 can be enough. Be the things complicated artifice for enough complexity. Wanting to control better more suggestions and contributions, you will design all 3 maps. Mind judgment: analyst(s) - actors - judge(s), stragy - tactics - assessment(s), etc.

Sorts of Development

You expand you frame, from core to details. Il is like developing a tree of knowledge, but with some limited range considerations: could you managed very big trees ? - they are not just alone. First mind roots (essential concepts and feeding knowledge). Then trunk to model filling -functional - pathways. Then branches to distribute, position and deliver leaves of ressources, facts sheets and knowledge (that is another aim of olicognography). Good material leaves, in forest made good manure, and the tree and the forest have good use of them (they tturn essential in poor soils). For intermediate tree of knowledge, leaves and flowers are useful, not because they perish and recycle but because they informa and suggest you how to do well, properly and: say it: "with noble humane feelings". Be the tree as far as nurturing sorts of good willingness to do good and well. And never miss for what it was: not you show, behaving as a peacock, your human brain.

It is to mind limits of expansion of ideograph and closures, because there is a maximum to what you can. Not as far as your speculations pretend and more community inclusive. Have clear that closure is just relative: all your universe, you cannot catch. Too narrow your universe too short will be. Responsible frames we mind, are not the sort of: you give orders, other will do just and only accr consider other priorities or potentially important disconnecting effects (illness of actors, adveŲse catastroph and so on) which sort of extend of care ? - you can give to your community's? - a shared program knowing and anticipating the limits of skills, ressources and will of partners. How you can suggest and agree a logical frame? - that can have some probability of good life time. A transient process of information, to produce good effects and cautiously be managed to limit advserse effects. Especially the ones that, reasonably free actors, can care willingly. Then which frame to trust and which to to remind? - with enough flexibily, for other adaptations and appropriations, that is as tools not as credo.

Because of complexity, always diffferently are self-managed identities. In complex (social) media, the more rigid and perfect hierarchical logical systems never works as expected. Which may be simplified? - that stand up for some time. Not the minimum preventing development and transformations which make that sort of program for "order and stagnation". Those sooner or later will produce, insanity and what dictator hates: non sustainability, explosive instability. Not exactly the sort of social systems we now need to cope with; when Earth is reconsidering our relevancy.

In your logical systems, you will probably prefer to show that, if there are conceptual takes off; you together will lend on safer grounds. Since we think you in a genuine democratic community and local situations; expecting to provide you, if needed with essential knowledge. We should then not tell you directly the activities you have to do where you are you feelings of pertinence are safer than ours. In the development of a logical ball, there is some turnpoint(s) where you reach an interface where you can "define" activities and set practical operations. Should they be listed after, but first design as you like or be suggested a frame, for a better cover of essentials dimensions of the problem, more open to everyone and from there stick activities, projects or programs' labels.

To create too, in the picture of the graph, periods along pathways, throughout layers of logical ball or feedbacks. For example when suggesting come-and-go between formal and empirical categories or circles. Also, when having reached some expansion of logical development and details of your ideas and concepts, you will mind to add one or two layers, and assignate tasks in the process, for having it done. That is after "theoretical" explorations, consensus but not far away.

Land off surface layers may suggest categories of management. Understand that as generic or fluid as they could be, key-concepts of management will nevertheless fit better near neighboring concepts, of the key-words of analysis. Remind the unity of the logical ball implies that any can vary its positions and better reflect you conception and consensus.

Mind also that a logical ball could be returned or reverted, like making your peripheric concepts the core or nucleus if focusing the attention on them. For example you will try to make so theories on methods of management. The detail of your previous nucleus will turn the outer surface of your perspective and the applied one. This may interest geometricians working with kinds of Klein's bottles or Gordian knots, kinds of forms where up and down, out and in, are not so easilly seen.

How to Read

A logical ball is shaped as a collective model, on which all agree as a minimum and a model to everyone, and operative reference, not necesarilly too close, too rigid, not interpretable at all, neither at the reverse too open, too plastic ... A collective model is cared if all are self adscribed and surelly involved. They do not need to do all exactly and all the frame and just the specific activities and nothing more widely useful.

If we mind this logical ball with a social purpose we seek too their way toward efforts and differenciated "excellence". So where some liberty or flexibility can exist, according the degree of technical things, risks and needs for good commitment and safety. But a social complex program may, in our mind be more important, anyone involved to work well and useful.

So you designed and framed the ball. Tried to make it inclusive. Think if it can be seen as a unit. Introduce definitions enough closely shared by all participants. Extend clear activities, basic tasks, flexibility for extra care. In the process you have altogether, or as the leader of this process, detect serious commitments, celebrate agreements, promote effective efficiency. Care wise abilities, know previously whom and how have skills and success in what they do, secure disponibilities and potential ressources and try to shape also, if necessary the leadership of the prospect.

It is also to know how to take care and move the logical ball in which all are parts. Any will cover a node or some, some links between nodes, and area, a branch, a sector, or all a sequence or series of tasks. Logically and conceptually any should be able to understand and agreed about what it has been put incharge, cooperate in the collective motion, bring its works and behave as designed and a bit more: care for things that have been discussed (like ethical criteria) or have been missed.

So as a whole and practically, terms of an olicognograph will be adjusted, their definitions proposed, discussed and accepted then written in the last shape. Any too theoretical concept will be specified, made more practical like explained and can motivate activities. Since not everything can be previously exactly defined, it is to let flexibility to applications and interpretation. People in charge will have to justify their selection of definition of concepts, how they respected common definitions, in which margins they try(ied) better or more. One olicognograph may have many different pieces or subprogrammes or subroutines of activities. Without avoiding perspective of complexity: this forces us to be modest. Not to dig the trench between theories and practices or pretending to ignore moving sands only filling them with lack of care.   

How to Apply

Democracy is to respect but not to have just one rigid view or the ergodic - simple "heat inefficient motion" - in mind (thermal vibration). It needs success, development, balance, compensations in the space and time. Reports that helps to summarize, remind and focus should also be done, technical incorporations must be wise, have present and future participation of everyone, intent to obtain the best from the difference of everyone.

Be shy about specifying too far from the field, does not mean that we ignore there are some universal common values, like of humanities. They may be shared by anyone at its own gauge, but structurally community's society has often enough interesting means and projections. So as anyone may feel humane somehow the same way, somehow in a different way. Practice is what makes sense: the ability to include these criteria too. Rhethoretic may not please the ones whom take advantage from repeating definitions defined elsewhere before, by others wiser, better in some spiritual books or essays on moral issues. Much have been made by better philosophers than us.

To compensate limits of specifications, that could appear in our frames, we try to bring enough basic information. Much already exist; may with the problem to be glued in so much not necessary dialectic. People, experts, intermediate, living of such sort of services inflate with emptyness or would like to fix for wrong effects. Definitions anyone prefer its own but be pleased by flexibility and care for translations, so as not to be exposed by difficulties of democracy. Experts prefer dictator(s), they have often more expectations about the reward for influence than from the sincere results of what they suggested. 

But in theoretical side of olicognographic frameworks you have plasticity and this could be remixed, while the essential knowledge better formated to intentions and democratic criteria. Hence the definitions, then the reductions or simplifications if required, meanwhile practical application and translations to activities; that may already have started, to help to discover new ones thanks to the frameworks or in the process, by the audience of the assembly, helping to detect potentialities and commitments. 

Our ideographical proposals look like so incomplete or too applied if provided with more practical development. Learn to apply some standard frames to a variety of problems, under different conditions and situations; trying games. It can make you more at ease with the reasoned liberty of concepts' management. Especially if you have in mind that, it is your own, that has to work, according your goodwill and not to care too much about what wanted to tell exactly the proponent: miss us for you. 

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