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Manifest Evidence

Everything could turn to Everything

In absolute, in a given evolving universe, everything can turn to other while definition is never exactly the same. This because the constituing elements are, generally, not the same; at least if environment is also involved. Large units of complexity can stay with the same label (or sense of identity) but are permanently renewing. This is like you  and your identity. You would be surprised to think that from the beginning to the end of your life, even with very stable structures: water, organic matter and so on, in your body, change all the time, at different speeds. So who are you? - if what you are change. This can mean too that your soul is virtual. Mind it essencial or not, but it is not our purpose here to discuss about spiritual metaphysics: only to try to make you think that the moment of your life here, on Earth, is a "ghastly ghost made real". And hope that the ghost, which have, during its life, permanent processes of renewal, could feel, at the ends of it, to have done everything it thinks essential. [We use "it" for he/she].

Practically what does that means ? That in absolute, everything is transformations, processes and that, in a given universe, everything can theoretically change or shift to another. Be most simple forms: mass and energy. Equivalence has been physically formulated by Einstein between energy and matter relating them by light's speed. But these extremes which may oscillate between universe - start of expansion and universe end of contraction - or may be by transfered (push-pull system?) between 2 differents universes. Whatever transformation is not so whatever. Expansion cools and specifies and all this  allows intermediate structures develop in more easy to manage environment(s). No problem if you add to that spiritual causes, that is your right - to think it and behave with your humane range; may not to force others behave as you like.

Briefly and probably: Universe turned soon asymmetric and this supported specification. Specifications created heterogeneity and relative heterogeneous distributions of particles, matter(s), times and subspaces that is: forces. Gravitationnal forces are between masses (of similar force) and electromagnetic ones came between electric charges (by convention named positive and negative): attraction between different, repulsion between same. Not to speak of 2 other forces explaining similar and dissimilar forces relating heavy and light particles in atoms. Only to understand our evidenced systems. With specification, cooling expansion; the universe of range of potential diverse developments and forces, the matter, the effect of specification and the energy (last one: labile matter delivering energy in sub-amounts): those are the engines of transformations, structures, shapes, dissymmetries or just ... "time". Material time configurating a complex world, where it (time) cannot reverse, at least globally (just recycling while its life's time within another of same specy able for that). Creating this intermediate more complex forms, as we are.

Intermediate more complex states were allowed because "created" systems were (thermodynamically) open, that is able to incorporate raw materials and matter-supporting-energy. The development of complexity or information allowed both reproduction, memory and many other complications. It was allowed, since the beginning, by those necessary chained asymmetries (for specification) and what is called entropy (or its reverse: neguentropy). Entropy is a principle trend to spontaneous disorganization, allowing - if it can be caught by an open system - the building of its own. At a minimum a subject in its environment. All subjects, more specified, less abondant, more built-in complexity? - make a universe of their environment (less specified, more abundant and more build-out complexity potential?).

Now, if in absolute everything could turn to everything, what is finally meaningful is not that typically human speculations (like making gold with lead) but that all this has energetic costs, potential information losses or gains and matter waste. This gives time a sense of construction - including and of destruction - loosing and it cannot be reversed globally (we suppose so we exist - and at the reverse), meanwhile it is very important that locally, it can partly be. Relative short despeficiation(s) is useful, helping in economic savings. Sort of S bifurcation (up of down) meaning that in the black box there are various exact impredictably issues where evolution can step - up or down. Only better, for highest complex units fate not all the cliff up or down at once (hardly possible on one side, leading to crash on the other). So sustainability: not to pretend everything can be gained brutally, but try to avoid especially those where too much and too many can be loss (this being easier).

Build, die for, not make die for, do not die before.

Sorry for such philosophical debate that is not offend your spiritual views on existential metaphysics. Your faith should not be offended: modern forms of science and formalism has already demonstrated that they do not have perfect methods to demonstrate wrong your non commensurable believes. They even inspire new spiritual pathways.

Open and Reasoning Systems

We are open real systems, very complicated and hard to formalize at good infinite distance-or-delay (if identifications and specifications are honnest). Out the reduced perspectives of systemic models, which have been taken to design complicated concepts since fifty years. Entropy principle exists since abiotic world. With openess it allows to define higher complexity relevant units of  system, not in the elements parts of the system, but toward more complex unit. Basic concept of systemics appeared there are more than 50 years, in reaction to reductionism; which made the core of proceeding of scientific logic (the Cartesianism) for 2 and 1/2 century. Hight within the highest complex units can be a human being. But, more than other species? It can have also complex abstract projecting programs, for example, a family.  But may be a family should be seen as a complex program (important) rather than a unit.

High complex units have appeared very soon in the evolutionary processes; even prebiotic (not living) world.  Openess makes possible to catch "raw inputs" in the environment and a form or a structure reproducible by some means; the same or looking like in different ways. Other steps of complications ("great transformations") have appeared with evolution like: memory, or overall balances: making neguentropy superior to entropy (but also exhaustible or in exhausting environments?), transmissions of information that made safer reproduction of living bodies despite their improbability.

Human phenomena has to do with telegeny (ability of projection) toward omniscience and omnipotence. Indeed these were vanity (since the point of view of human being). Out of any spiritual interpretation this makes our fate as well as our originally. Relativelly unspecialized and weak, out of its reasoning potential, human being has taken the selfish way to contradict phenomenological evidences and, once escaped from the inmmediate threats, sometimes find something essential en better than violence, to solve the problem of its inmediate weakness. Together with other strange qualities like straight station, stereotopic view, hands' manipulability, all that made humans creative industrial animals but also destructive prone ones too. This made human being (God's creature?) a systematic reasoning engineer of its environment, commonly more harmful when pretending to be more superior. This came at a (huge?) cost for Natural World. We have a great ability to factor artificial reality and favour "ends of civilizations". That is biasing and affecting equilibrated ecosystem for all of Nature's biological diversities, more uncommonly we act as skilled and careful entrepreneurs. 

This is where comes the intermediation of our moral issues. The limits of the expansion of bias of human engineering in our own environment start with ourselves. Human phenomena has somehow incorporated the principle of liberty as a basic capability to say "no" to the phenomenological evidences of reality (and cowardly to weaker than us). But this (abstract and relative) concept of liberty should comes together with, at least, 3 others concepts. The "no" implies that we can evidence more scientific explantation (and more useful to anyones). It also to implies, in abstract, a concept of responsability, which may be conceive because of the same environment . So, sooner or latter a feedback, positive or negative, should come objections to our industrial activities. This leads to moral issues which may be essentially social: not just the need to be purelly altruist, just as a suggestive rule of a Society of Rights and Duties.

Add uncertainties created by complexity, diversity, heterogeneity allowing: varieties, economies and cautions and you understand why the need of present metaphysical short, as well as more opened programs of social management.

Olicognography metaphysics summary

We are - complex systems - depending on our environment - within our physical universe - at an intermediate position - as extrators and engineers of environment - scaled on a minimum-maximal complex unit - units being complex primal-dual in a wholistic system - teleprojecting ourselves views - economically could have good use if of potential social utility - at reasonable range of reachability - where essence of economy would be found in moral care and instrumentalized ethical criteria - grounded on essential scientific care - offering enough alternative opportunities to sustainable development - not necesarilly ignoring spiritual concern, neither forcing it - toward wise modesty in material utilities ...

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