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Olicognography Humanism

Democratic Solutions of Community's Technical Problems

Logical frames for humanist problems and provision of basic data is to help in your solutions. Provision of essential should be as scientific and you ought to make it as practical as possible and as wise as possibly within your sustainable development. Be not afraid by science. Think that there is much less real science than pretended in so many social policies and you may discover that intuitive scientific knowledge can care qualitatively and quantitatively with much more problems then you can imagine.

You will have to adapt proposed frames to your purpose. Set your use, name your problem and position your register(s) of activities. The system will have to suggest a series of documents of synthesis, program calculus according its data bank and detect your needs of information. Some will be for free, some will be to sale.

We will work according principles of democratic practice. This does not mean that no structure nor frame should be avoided. Neither we will impose our definition(s) of democracy or whatever relevant to culture. Morevover we consider that scientific basic concepts can be practically understood. Be your goals structured according technical issues, include democratic choice where possible. We will try to help you match perspectives and help to understand doubt, uncertainty and risks.

Common sense of humanity covers ethical issues but should not be exactly determined by abstraction,  apart from care of science and fields of practice. Olicognography has the philosophy to support what you care. It considers that many definitions are up to your local legitimate practice. Suggestions and documentation will not be defined as could expect global deciders, when they pretend that only "superior" authority is grounded on "scientific basis" and should prevail over passive citizens. We prefer critical balances and help you voluntarily determine and commit yourselves.

Olicognographies, ideographic and visual frames are plastic and, when somehow standard, help democratic management and common understanding. If we may not avoid all our own cultural background (we have various), we will never argue against your right to adapt and transform most logical frames, especially when not technologically based. 

Environments are Complex so Set Flexible Frames of Operations Graphically

Real world is complex, required simplifications should  come from democratic consensus. In sciences very few personnes can be revered as genius and their science would never stay for long if without consistent contradictions. All other actors, whatever their "hability" to comment about sciences, should incorporate socially they contributions with humans communities and cooperate to make everyone feels free to be good and willing to serve common positive causes.

In our finite World, few are the problems that operate, unchanged, up to infinity; perfectly homogeneous and without contradictions, logical paradoxes, bifurcations, quantification's complexities. "Perfect gas" or perfectly purified models could have been useful when setting primary physics principles. But even today primary physics principles are often miscorporated in our social practices, misguided (ing) by many fallacies, distorting judgments.

Also against "purity" frequently more interesting are margins where complex operations can play. Programs of calculus can respect more consistently complex humanity, including consistent democracy. All this must be more flexible and adaptable; that does not mean less scientific. But it is to combine honnestly and modestly art and science. It is important not to reduce too much, impose fake and dogmatic paradigm that sooner (and sooner now) ends producing many adverse effects.

What we may require is graphs' special algebra, not too simplified, like in binary logic and monovariate models. Neither they should be too asymptotically extended with infinite algebra of real numbers (which have been demonstrated incomplete while ignoring human potential and limits). So we must care some complexity and have solvable programs; like with balanced graphs of varieties. Our aim is to be able to cover practical reality with enough variety of concepts and incorporate actors. Not just for one only reason: in a wiser way than the "unique-mindness one shot miraculous wordy solution" of so many politicians; pretending to know as dictators and suggest as them. They often abuse of the "only reasonable option" they imagined for every one, while just copying the virtual management of global cultural World they come from.

Choose supports for  practical issue. Define your purposes together; behind the screen of internet connexion or, at the black/white boards, with your team, group, audience or at a public meetings. Set also the kind of operations or algebra you may manage (or authorize the machine to do what it suggest) ... as soon as we can.

Humanist Philosophy on Methods

Practical end-products of this website are to try to bring you the "essential knowledge for choice";  respecting your mastering of options and; some variety of pathways to solve community's problems. Sciences have developped so much, that mastering addresses more to the ability to manage honnestly doubts between so many available pieces of knowledge (within, also, a huge inflated amount of "stuff". Access to information have been made more easy; but often reduced absurdly and unwiselly to prevent legitimate people choice, be in hands of "very specialized experts for anything".

Most communities cannot hire all the best specialists they are supposed to need. Neither they can put them where, when and how really required by the problem and its solution(s). Also they face a great variety in their problems and needs without poorly including methods or registers. If modern global science can bring essential universal knowledge, at least valid in this planet. We have to face reality combining honnest science within local frames, knowledge and wisdom; in terms of means, ressources, people and humanity.

This website will not make you expert like specialists practicing disconnected abstractions. Abstractions we need,  as well as some mechanics of concepts for flexible applications, but they should turn yours in your efforts. Our hope is to help you select interfaces of developments, methods and through this bring you knowledge. On your side you have the practical problems of sustainable development. Our challenge is to obtain from you, a structure of query to select, as cleverly as possible, basic knowledge. To support practical field coherence and respect your rights as citizens: to define, decide and commit, where you are and need.

Logo for Humanist Practice

Concern for our World, from alpha to the omega and a wholistic Yang and Yin (see later in this package). Olicognograph, our main graphical tool is an ideography inspired by the graph of few nodes developped at each layer generally over few levels of ''catching complexity" some: oligo - calculable, setting first forward your mind - cogno; which you distrust too much and should care more because of its flexibility. Inspired by the wisdom of past civilisations the enormous ursurge of sciences and future of humanity


Our trademark if for humanist purpose. For a use of the logo, make a proposal, of such kind of graph, as fast & far as we could, we will answer.

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