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Organic Frame

You will mind following table as a map trying to summerize the logic of a body. This body is under integrated commands. Because of evolution there are different levels. We can think of a minimum of 3 levels. A primary one is simplyreflexive. Having eventually various segments but where each remain as important as others, say like worms. Another consider integration of segment eventually including a paleo brain, in which should appear essential functions required to articulate a complicated body. Say something more than a worm and more specialized organ systems. Third one with higher superior needs of treatment of complexity of environment, like animals with a brain.

Commanded Open System

An organic evolved body organized as a logical ball can be summerized as an open system highly regulated by commands driven integrated kinds of tissue, say in physiology: neural like tissue, over organic pieces. Commands Sub-system can summarized simply into 4 functional sorts: perceptions, assessments, regulations and actions.

Organic subsystems would observe like those of distribution (a circulatory subsystem), metabolic-energetic (often differentiated in 2: carburant & comburant, say nutriements (energetic-structural and oxygen) and a last one for cleaning. This cover like basal functions. 2 other integrated perspectives are the ones for identity and another for reproduction of species.

Since the system of commands, for specialized functions related to environment; acts through target organs, playing also for them, not just as functions of support. There are extensions since the pieces of command. For example since commands of actions: motricity or mechanical subsystems involved in motion and; at the opposite, all structures and functions of receptions supporting neural captors within, more or less specified by skin or protected-transformed devices mixed with outer cover, the one which are first interface with environment. It is logical that captors which purpose is for gauging environment came as a combination of neural receptive tissue and dermatologic-protective one (indeed this olicognograph take advantage of embryological knowledge, as the summary of evolution.

Nutrition has proximity with judgment. This food make most of our life's commitment and determine our behavior, so we found pleasant to pu it in close relation nutrition and judgment. Morevover brain structures are very sensible to what makes its feeding: oxygen, blood pression, glucosa.

On the other side coordination is quite unconsciously essential to complex control programming. But this macro-coordination has an equivalent with innner regulation labelled as homeostasis involving both meso-body, under macro influence for direct effective local micro - effects.

This has to be mind within complexity of what makes possible a variety of functions. Of course cybernetics, or the complicated but not illogical product of evolution, helps a lot to suggest what could look like minimum matrix specification of organs. Thereafter to logically dispose organs or susystems to help to detect different forms of principles, that may label the way our world evolves. There are options, diversity and similarities in our real world. We think better to look how variety of options have been derived, to fill a necessary function, rather than think that only one voodoo doll could be the best lone picture of our body.

To observe that this organic mainframe can inspire many systems similar to body organic systems, applied to different kinds of units. An incorporated open system depending on provisions from environmment can introduce to incorporations from their and as shown in our table or pictured olicognograph.

Reviewing the Table

Now without trying to show those 3 levels of organizations we mentionner at first (for that you may pile one upon the other 3 similar olicognographic frame (specified to there level) and here only something like one level funcional frame, that could somehow applies to the zoo-logic of the following map. For reader only remember: there are 6 axis of perspective but the plane map shows more easilly 4.

A first cross made of the structures of command. Look there a +. This + dispose the components of command: perception (mid-down) - judgment (mid-left) - coordination (mid-right) - action (mid-up).

The 2 other perspectives which are harder to show because normally before and behind the plane map are nevertheless there one is a identary system (say like mainly composed of immunology or biological self). The other is the reproductive system. Both may be seen in a more complicated way but since for our present organic perspective (now) and 2 mentionned previous (existing) and after (reproducing), we mind them as there are disposed.

System of command is integrated and levels of complexity is like mindind the biology of complex animal. Basal Body on X disposal is supported 4 systems shown here supported. There are the system of distribution of ressources in the body (sector up-left), the one of cleaning and evacuating (sector down-left), the one of respiration (sector up-right) and the one of organic support (sector down-right). Primarily they are shown are duals. One subpart where happens the main function (more central) another more peripheric (despite it could look like more intern: as an open body incorporating much from environment there is lot of specifications (in high complex animal to make it that thermodynamically more efficient). Each may be divided (in lower level) in another subsystems, but may be also having evolved somehow since same functionnal scheme.

So recall: 6 axis of perspective but mainly seen: 4. Inner and outer commanded and projected always in close integration, overlapping of 2 frames: + & X. Look at proximity, neighboring and remind that logical ball is obtained folding extremities.

Purpose of that ? - a modular one for wholistic functional perspective interfaces that can help to mind connections, cognition, functional integration, logic of complex dependance and dynamic variable integration.

Use colors has aids. Black for environment (no so empty: how you "see" and define yourself, almost psychologically and sociologically in your environment) and grey as neurobiocognitive matter. All light - white for identity. Red for inner distribution, blues for comburant, green for carburant, yellow for clean in-out, etc.

Table for an Organ Commanded Open System
Flowin perception of environment Maketransf self perception in environment Aspirein
support of distribution Seearound support mechanisms and system form acting Feelone conducts of aspiration and cas entry
Relateone Pushfor Move one Providefor

potential in environmental adaptation

connecting to environment engine the distribution, pumping system system of mechanical acting interface for carry on to flowin Pathfor
Feedone Analyse what Onewhat Coordinate one Regulateloc
provisions from environment for feeding system of conception, programming or planning self, identify coordination of controls, interaction between registers mechanisms for local balance
common resources of environment Cleanin Detect around Organizein perception of reproductive potential
Mediacarr system for cleaning, filtering, fluid composition system of detection or perception systems for dispatching and adaptating Matchround
Evacuate Reproduce Protectone Weldone Includein
system of extracting, evacuating reproductive resources of environment protection cover support environmenta captors incorporation in environment feeding entries

Observe that for systemic concern we created neologisms. Artificial intelligence and registers of applications have all developped their systemic, for their purpose of specifiation but almost none have mind to stay just with a multipurpose kind of systemics that could be shared and specified (a well as by the application or by field practice). Indeed, logics and mathematics would be, if the real World could be simply the best adapted to provide most of this systemic terminology but, when we speak of complexity we mind that consistant extensions of formal registers can require to be larger.

Meanwhile human user also requires simplifications (we prefer the sort of where it could have plenty of questions that it could infer). So indeed we set on many private hypothesis about what is complexity; but this is no concern to demonstrate here our asumptions.

Your reading may follows the + to observe the integration of commands. Than the X to observe how each complementary function-organs of the system are filled. Indeed for a specified unit, like human body, a car, a workplace, strategic quarters specific knowledge will provide other analogies for a virtual unit, could be used as a method. Say for example, a town, a territory and many other anthropological constructions made of organs like pieces. Kinds of wholistic coherence and specification of system may be examined. How an organ disperse effects everywhere in the unity of the system. How it may express when disturbed, by effects in close and distant pieces.

Levels, Similarities and Analogies

Minimal logical system may stay and be reused to scale details at related levels. At a minimum up and down levels, in a fractal sense of similarity, for level micro and level macro. Logically if the same mainframe apply and helps specifications of a variety of models it helps so coherence. The system can detail, just in a modular way including similar algebra.

Also since one function or concept is conceived as complex; may be the same sort of frame can apply to detail each. For example the concept of assessment can be detailed with: perception - of - assessment, assessment - of - assessment, regulation - of - assessment, actions-of-assessment and so on. This, like in cognition, makes the subsystem of judgment open, able to perceive, judge actions it promoted, regulatation involving other parts (say like memory registers, smoothing neural structures) and able judge its judgments. Basically we think that this sort of detail is quite inspiring about the ways neural cognition may work, with iterations (also anatomic disposal specified indeed). For the moment all this is just hypothesis.

You may have detectedá that this organ frame is inspired originally by human body and this let us benefit to cybernetics systemic coherence. Partly also, this was allowed because olicognography tries to avoid words confusions despite being consistently inspired by the fact that they can mix and confuse.Words and lexicons are imperfect, redundant and fluctuant. The machine software may have programs to cut, close etc., to avoid confusion. But we, as human beings, invent a lot by analogies, similarities and reason options by mimicry.

This general frame turns so quite generic if we are able to adapt the sets of concepts or definitions, for practical purpose. It is more easy to explore alternatives of options from one register to another. Qualifying the frame as for health-orgnic purpose and technical device, that common sense often spontaneously personify; as vehicules, operating systems and so on. That is why in present table we disposed neologisms to mind a more ideographic systemic view.

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