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1) MD (tropical health);

2) DESS (iprojects economics);

3) DEST (human factors/ergonomics)

4) Ms (social geography, regional planning)

humanist curiosity is first humanist curiosity is first humanist curiosity is first
Experience (own think efforts) 1) ++(+++);

2) ++(+);

3) +(+);


eyes are your best means eyes are your best means eyes are your best means
Lived (>9 months)

Morrocco, France, Honduras, El Salvador, Switzerland, Venezuela, Mesoamerica, Argentina, West Asia (Europe), Guyane, Africa

Humanity is in your dream Humanity is in your dream Humanity is in your dream

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From 2009 to 2011 our main concern is: 1) find a place where such sort of system could be developed together (author - institution) or cooperatively: your perspective and your system with our concepts of management; 2) expand the core of olicognography method and pool enough visual documents (+++ material for an individual between cultures ). 3) develop both systems, 4) Initiatives: seminaries, training, summer course.

Corrections, value added, interactions, software programs (we do not master much) and essential visual knowledge are welcomed. Donations should not be seen as payments for free use of visual documents. Especially those which are not ours (nfm: "not from me" when authors are not mentioned). Olicognographs are not for direct copy, nor for free promotional use, but we can discuss common interests. You may use olicognographs for essential humanist local (poor environment) commitments and/or collaborate. With the hope that one day, many places will have their English - local idiom bilingual frames, culturally adapted copies).

Mind also : we have an English or a Spanish - 350pages - popular version of the technique for shaping olicognographs, etc.

2011-2012: I will be in Paris, ending a master degree of ergonomics, mostly dedicated to cognition. So also to explore such frames for "brain's networks mining" (if you have notice that tomorrow's economics will have a mainstream based on neurosciences.