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Equal and Different

Self economy

Our concern is social practicability. This does not mean that more individual activities with virtual things, out of electronic game addiction of exposed personnalities (poorly involving communities) cannot be relevant to humanity: you may have to work a lot in your corner alone for delivering. Neither our aim is you dedicate all yourself always and only to engineer your human settlement. Just enough to cope with essential problems and cautiously preventing future adverse effects of your activities, where it could be, with sound behavior like when for saving waste. So the aim is to have standards of wisdom and happyness with interesting honnest and modest lives. This does not necesarilly requires so stressfull modern societies of consumptive abundance. Be efficient with what we do - not too narrowed by technological limits, rhetoretical distorsions and hyperinflation of dialectic with a margin for knowledge progress could a lazzy good goal. This should let plenty of free time for healthy entertainment. Be your collective actions well minded, designed and played efficiently should save you time. If collectivities can be managed more cleverly, their democratic life enhance their practices, rather than free ways to ferocious unequity.

In methods, olicognography perspective is of communities working together, not necesarilly having all resources at hand, and projects. Common sense of economy should consider, on one side the economy of methods without pre-excluding any complications because normal reality is complicated. Not to focus inmediatly on anything that could oversimplify the issue. Focus, reductions and synthesis are required; they should be made consciously, collectivelly and carefully. Reviews, incorporations and selection can show what we have been minded but left behind: alternatives, precautions and injustice.

All Same, All different

Whatever we mind, we need to consider that they are both similar or different. Having both, in and from the same universe, something in common and difference complement and oppose one another. Different but close as they can be. This is a previous, in a process of identification and evolution, that may lead to the fact that they have something in common: "identical" that they could mix or diverge while similar. Our interest can introduce unrelevant similarities and artificial discrepencies, be only by the different behaviors they induce: if we have one good between two we may fight; if there are two same good, we can share, if there are three and we have different interest, we may fight by anticipation, if we have four we may make a coalition for fighting against "predators" to preserve forthcoming share, etc.

Practically what does that mean to say "All same, All different"? Just that in the same physical world, theoretically there are different possibilities along development and specification, and any thing can get to another, theoretically: if we master path we can get back and take the path to the other contemporary object. This has more intuitive sense in chemical element Earth cycles like of carbon, nitrogen, water, etc. Anything can backward simplify and respecify into the other, something human take often advantage of trying to bias it to its benefit.

An effect of that is, in same universe, implies to think on how 2 things or more equate. In what conditions and for what use? Quantitatively it should mean that you prepare or need special algebra and alternativelly specified operations. Remind that common universal algebra, as in real numbers, applies properly only in some ideal cases: statistics in perfect gases, differential calculus in structural analysis, especially if their time can be simply and perfectly reversible: many problems solutions need to use inverse, and this in processes means time's reverssibility. It somehow extend its range providing windows of approximation. But this soon, does not provide safe black-boxes. Formulation is easier in mechanics, but you should prepare to be more flexible with special or shorter algebra. Because they can catch more special properties of algebras. Either for making democratic consensus with sort of properties like of distribution, equity that special algebra can support. Meanwhile physics, chemistry, already use, more consistently to their object sort of algebraic structures and multiscaled analysis to get in more interesting details of too gross "umbrellas shadows".

Now the sort of special algebra you use for social purpose can need to be with short time life, like for flexibility and justice or better adaptation to the potential of your engineering. You will have to reconsider managed formal objects and their values: formula, scalars, coefficients especially when they are not primarilly scientific. Also you have to balance between negociating groups and individuals play. Of course modern systems of social values have tried to cope and smooth such sort of variations, especially like the ones following economic instability. Adjustments for prices inflation, risks taking, deflators, interest rates, actualization and so on. The problems there have been to pretend that they were scientific, when no more than arbitrary average. Many forms of theoretical normative, fake agreements, exchanges levels and consensus have been disqualified, exposing societies to virtual speculation of fews. Dis-anchoring, disconnecting and feeding speculations virtual opportunities that destabilized real economy. They were justify only by the argument that this was the only reasonable and scientific way to drive human affairs. Many other more rational forms of social accounting have been ignored.

Care Definition, Specification and Solutions' Ressources

Minimum suggestions to drive social algebra democratic specifications could be:

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