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Time Scale

Time is so important, that we have to introduced it. Before "a brief history of time", it has been quite hard, in standard physics, to define a scale, as exact as possible; to reach unvariable vibration of atomic clock. And as it serves well many technological devices... Time turned to be thought as only a simple neutral exogenous scale of absolute reference and; its relative sense have been lost. Constructions, transformations, not from "spontaneous generation" of human artificial proceeding or engineering, are seen as something, not the time, and developed almost against it. Pathways, trajectories, all refer to time and see time just as an exogenous, neutral, simple one right line of linear segment simplify and over-reduced everything.

In our intermediate situation, with a perspective where nothing can be remade exactly, or should be better made, with different (even slightly) constraints, different people, other purposes and different environments, complex time of what we have (related relativistic sense) to gauge and express potential of transformations. Indeed, if dialectically it may be not so different from present ignorance, since in many regular phenomena: dynamics, kinetics chemistry, historical analysis, time is somehow implicitly incorporated. We think that treating more objectivelly as packed complex local specific appropriated operators (chronon?) can bring a lot of benefit and less waste.

Time is probability, measure, object, information, operation. Matter relate to wave lenght or period. It is expectation too, if not as simple as neoliberal austrians or post austrians have imagined it practically exogenous, but not so unwiselly as now pretended in a dog-automatic way. Essential meaning is not too far and time can be social transformations. Essentially there are even less difference in theoretical standings, between different schools of economic thoughts. Strange to observe time's chronographs or chronometers with such rituals as measuring athletic performance, delimiting so unatural time conditions of "nobles arts" ("ding dong games" for "crushing and humiliating but not killing too certainly", and the social importance it took in human values, the business management of leisure class.

While by side of more essential reductive stereotypes, never reviewing how we behave, like when using "modern" gregorian calender. Only see the half-complicated scale time managed in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years, with its ignored heterogeneity at different levels of scales orders; trying to match between astronomical and daily evidence. So close to us but cuts that could have been made in different ways. For example: 365 days of a year can have 24 periods of 15 days of 24 hours, each hour of 365 moments, which moments would be of 9.86 of seconds: approximativelly the time for enumerating with 10 fingers. The residue of 5 days (- in bisextile year) can separate 4 seasons and the 1 or 2 put where appropriated to trend global warming or, global freezing. Any civilization have set their calendar in a different ways, the religion(s) of World's Colonialist & Empireness imposed one, which could be not the best modern that we could have.

Now with a perspective on how to promote sustainable societies, we should care with more sensibility and flexibility, when using time scale, to define the objective ones we use since we require to intertwin them better, make them more consistent respect to what we work and care essential principles with more open mind on relative uses of time. Because this makes sense and we have now automated systems. It would be not so difficult to have scales of correspondance and adapt them locally. Managing one simple common standard, should not be more for fighting to have the leadership to force our reason, but to agreed that a strategical agenda should incoporated tactical agendas and these incorporated, articulated synchronized, enough flexible, enough rigorous activities.

For example why not manage time? - according rates of renewal in biogeographic environments; which have a different values in temperate or tropical climates. Will this make confusion ? - not nasty ones if forestry management laws are set in relative value, respect to trees cycles. Why should varying such gauges be disturbing ? - if we have now the possibility to care official different systems of correspondances. References, rather than arbitrarilly abused by systems of speculation on derivative valuation, because not linking properly to more consistent reference like metabolism of living bodies or rate of renewal of such ressources, "mis-dis-valuing" anthropization (ways how human transform their environment) rather good estimates of potential true losses of diversity (time's development) and objective thermodynamic balances.


Different ways to mind time. For a good start 3 shaping forms of time could be considered; and their complex management an art: the art of time. Since we have made an analytic object of 3 dimensions with our 3 forms (characterizing the analytic object called: "time") thus the dimension added being something like a time square (time product time: t x t or t2).

We will not object the fact that many technological devices, clocks, computers parallel processing require good synchronization.

In a mixed way there are all constrained flows. The first one since too artificially rigid, to observe properly in our plastic life, is seen, linear, insensible, essential in few registers, like count downs where at "zero" better no human close around. Second, look like expanding then contracting or, developing and regressing (an intermediate process cannot do without inner potential and outer universe) and this form could be used to manage transitions. These defining advantages, constraints, and so on. Third is for observer, where to set, put, position and calibrate this observer, its measuring device(s), like for seeing enough and not affecting (or effectivelly for effecting) the process. See how fundamental physics may inspire simple "chronideographics" tools.

First, scale any reference, the usual scale of time as precise as possible. Usually as a segment in a scale. But this scale is not just a virtual line. Even if a linear unbreakable irreversibility it is a reduction of poor interest, despite so often (mis)used by so many economists. Pieces of time scale of this sort are to mind with at least a little sense of complexity. It can be more "progress-impressive" as the inverse of time: as a characteristic period. And even slightly more: imagine it as a life time period. What a life-time period mean? - its paradox is like trying to mind future with a past. Together with complexity a moment that could not be never exactly reproduced; only may be a ghost, a phantom like a "déjà vu". Not enough to have just a perfect chronometer or chronograph but to give it sense, considering all register included in "maximal complex unit" process. Say for example a human driven engineering program consider horizon of time, life time of pieces and wasting phenomena (erosion, obsolescence, risks), including how they match and stick together. Accounting seemed to care a lot until recently (actualization, depreciation of assets, average life time, cash-flow management all inscribe are strongly related to time) when turned more to financial tricks for better sexy-up balance to desinform stakeholders and make their dream irrational.

More fruitful to start to consider time an arrow but not enough. More proper to this sort of time a speed. Not such as simple as a right arrow, may be a hooked one? - to catch future, hook given by information. Or an elbowed vector, a sort of building one. Construction? - back to the hook as a break as a lying L or a 2 (or more) teeth fork or a lying Y.

Time flows see the motions of activities, commitments, tactics applications, hard work and so on. Mind time how flows are moved, producing effects, diffusions, expansions, progression, regressions and so on. Mind time how to manage that with time schedules, match them , filling the conus of potential with reality: knowing metaphysically (and wiselly) that our construction should better be relative ghosts rather than concrete blocks of human vanity. To just let flavours, colors, essence be as humane touches: the good feeling not to have harm.

So time is money? - reduction! But value? - sure it is! - essential. Time's is construction. Construction develop and maintain under environmental umbrella or within a conus of time delimiting potential. Conus of time potential sets border, horizon and azymut, any more or less known and reduced, lowered or narrowed by specification or lower while filling nevertheless by diversifying . Since time is value, value is potential, information also for potential, since the start entropy is information, can anchor value, least entropy, maximum entropy, potential not prejudging, pathways relevant to care and probably can suggest change to adapt, and time to care, and care to prevent, and prevent for safe prediction, and ... so on. Of course here many things already suggested in many basic methods. Only here some overview, as an wholistic epistemology of time. Ony few visual aids of our olicognographic method; for waving or surfing between registers and see how they could incorporate, include and integrate.

Finally time's cut like by the quantic observer, like for definition of strategies. Care the effects of cut(s) could affect the flows. Put them to work at appropriate and accepted moments, review aims, goals and achievments. See and select what to project and continue, what to end or resume, what to restructure and to adjust. Consider arount, the range or the universe of your actions, the criteria of your suggestions.

Complex Pictures of Times

Paradox of our arguments, all registers have developped important chapters; to care for the time of their purified register of concern. Social science established history. Physics invented time metrological devices. Ecology suggested generations, sequence of ecological systems. Geology grounded geochemical cycles, geological times and so on...

So why our reductions ? to care for links of things that are now often well studied, well referred and well defined. Because there is still to managed somethings accross all them, and succeed to incorporated in better democratic consensus sort of smoothing processes intertwinned transitions or redefine cuts, trajectories, times series, that could be for the sake of humane issues, not just for the purity of doctrines' respective registers. And we need intermediate tools, also neutral, caring not all the complexity-for-a-general-theory-of-truth but, for the practical management of our combined interests. This is not to make without what we know already neither without any suggestions already existing.

Too many theories but, even if good, in a small proportions, these will stay academics, if not better time's scaled to what they mean. Alexandra was wrong, why knowing truth was for staying with Apollo) and Cassandra was right, but never trusted by fellow citizens, but may be also because having failed to stand on the right januistic place, where transitions flow and phoenix of evidences of transformations. Transformations may imply change of times' scales. Our point is, being some complex pot of transformations for the ghost of maximum complexity essential unit with minimum (need threshold) humane definition (our survival material ethos) how than ? - to manage relative times scales of components, as we would appreciate, others would respect and care for.

We could start to mind that we may need to consider more constructed time frames. Should they be safer, not like just defined by the calendars of firms and their exercises, by fiscal years or by cycles and circles of violence and misjustice. Even though it would consist too to match these calendars with our activities: like agriculture seasonal calendar, business cycles, life's times projects and so on. Being the aim to narrow speculations on irrational exhuberance of unsustainable expectations; help the programming of achievments; care not to disqualify sincere efforts too soon, not judge too stupidly, not prevent too brutally but take substantial lessons and develop sustainability.

This would imply to see time(s) as constructions, buildings, sense of information, which is also just entropy, probable life's time, dual balanced management, between potential to express in and average life time forward (or a shorter but meaningful period); where historical backward is turned suggestive but - mirror's effect - not as objectivelly rigid as pretended by marxists.

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