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Frames' Operations

Inspiring Real Sciences using properly Formal Methods

Once left the zone of easy calculus and general solutions, it is to examine if structural properties could simplify and bring back to previous evolutive cases. Because natural complexity mixes levels of scales and vary functions, the suggestion to test modelled pieces under different perspectives. This is like testing generic concepts variably as: variable, scalar, coefficient or exponent (and sign in a special way). Switch also simple operations and examine conditions of application: divisibility, commutativity, etc. Explore properties of algebras which could secure close, cover, local completeness and sort of diffused criteria. Indeed some major economists or other mathematicians or physicists, have made theoretical efforts in that. For theoretical purpose, many fields are still to explore, but even more their adaptation with flexibility to social algebra (since it is not exactly to make science. Major economists have sound ideas on that. Ressources already exist in fundamental mathematics but still are to understand how they could be used in profane and applied in arts of essential means. Difficulties could be more in defining status of "skillfull public servants of formal support": good quantitativist are the service of communities..

Indeed here we are just making suggestions to mathematiciens and logicians. Digitalization of society have given opportunities to arbitrary determined "discretizators": the (digital) computer does what instructed and hashes, encapsulate, lock-in and cutg almost at will. Why not by proper design of models? - Simplifying can be fairly made in simple science, (by side of programs of calculus) but unfairly and misguiding if at arbitrary will anywhere. Mainly to make more easy simple calculus. For geometric logical ideographs, one layer considering more options than 5 - 6, must keep an eye on calculability; thanks to superproperties of the sort. Or stay intentionnaly under control by analogy. If the sort of object (of analysis of a subject) requires it: a social policy can stay social if equity is well designed.

The skill of wise rigor, not necessarilly to mistreat uncertainty, have poorly diffused. This has weakened  fair policies designs and ignored social algebra. The ones that are unconsciouly applied. Mathematicians and logicians have been dedicated too much to esoteric speculating activities servicing the fatty artists of financial lies. Defaulting in providing societies with good cognitive mathematics and logics which could be important in consistent social behaviors, especially because informing on limits of scientism ambitions. Talents able to explain mistakes, abuses and suggest approximate adjustments, are strongly required while too dedicated to stupid speculative greedy businesses and prevented to apply their talent where socially useful. Or, they have been reserved to social laboratories, foolishly trying to support other speculations: new social theories or geopolitical rituals or for covering a past of wrongness and wrongdoings.

In fundamental physics many studies are about sort of higher properties in system of more than 4 dimensions. Systems which could be called universe. Quarks (particles composing atoms) have 4-6 forms. Forces have 4 basic forces actually trying to be unified in a "theory of everything". Fundamental atoms composed of quarks are examined as light (leptons) or heavy (hadrons) particle and varying electric charge: positive or negative or neutral: electron, positron, neutron, proton and so on.  Mechanical perspective vary between relativistic (Einstein's mechanics) and Quantic mechanics. Systems of explaination turning around forms, which have taken geometric forms (like Superstrings theory) or of method of calculus, like non commutative algebra. Other methods have been developed to examine formally sort of properties (scattering, renormalization methods and so on). It is not our purpose to pretend to know a lot on the subject, but to observe that these sciences have develop much the use of special algebras, as Lie or Clifford Algebras; sort of diagramatic pictures (for example Feynman's fundamental particles transformations). Thermodynamics is another sort of essential register to examine whole systems and in detail. Nor to pretend that our complexity could be, since now, ruled by such sort of formalism but at least it is more serious than financial models. To mind that if we want to approach our humane problems, by analogies, than needed algebra, probably, already exist. This has started like with quantic mechanics but not necessarilly convincingly applying to useful humane mechanisms, like when trying more to find the fate of Schrodinger's cat, rather than design multivalued systems of democratic consensus. May starting by that we could later understand for what analogy embbedding could be used.

More practically, mind that the sort of olicognographic frame is not as creatively free as you think and that just any salad or mixture of basic terms will work. Out of hability in formal modelling, an important aim of olicognography is to show you that any of you and all your intelligence can have good sugggestive pathways, "naturally and spontaneously", well channeled by common sense applications where you have more legitimacy than many theorists and even better solutions. This may be obtained by efforts of local collective intelligence, analogies and imitation but not just trying to imitate, for the same results, the free riders public abusers pushing their rentistic martingales of greedy superior parasites.

By side of scientific concepts training systemically in flexible redesigns standards, could help you to reproduce and specify to your own cultural but proper social heuristics. At best eco-friendly engineer your environment. Using properly and flexibily any available visual aids for that; without being ashamed to show them: ends justify your good methods. If you may not have the exact key term at some point in the frame, you may set a sentence expressing what you feel and really live; helping you with key-concepts, you have already written.

By side of abstract concepts of management, you may mind that there are already many terms and concepts, more or less -up-to-date or fashioned and, that much of what you would like to invent, that you have indeed more rights to use, will face the same fate: loss of fashion if not essentially meaningful. The point is, at least, to produce minimum positive effects. Revolution of information made the fashionable turn sooner to obsolescence.

More Humanely

Now about formalism, universal mechanics consists in thinking that around real objects of 3 space dimensions + time representations (formally using quaternions, operators) universe could be composed of 7 to 13 dimensions (more or less) and properties explained the issues of the core of 3D+time like with equalitities and invariants (thermodynamics properties) and others as supersymmetries to explain other balances. By side of quantic mechanics which is formally and fundamentally more probabilistic. It seems to us also, that this multivalued logic, copes "all-so" with the problem of the dualism of quality and quantity: definying particles, conditions, states and respective distributions of probability, intermediated by quantization. So there are many analogies between states and quantified behaviors after properties which we could try to use for our purpose, to drive reasonable consensus between us. If we are clear at reviews and balances because our ambitions are not exclusivelly scientific and no social means could be efficiently coercitive at the respect (complexity needs intelligence for good treatment). There we require good will, intelligent contribution and honnest social job of everyones.

At first we mind originally our olicognographic method with basic knowledge from fundamental physics, with the concern to ground humane practice, like to have not too few unfree options during "roaring revolution times of information" while preventing to have too much inflation of spurious stuff. So, to have calculable profiles of conception, computable and queryable shared processesvof information. Thinking also of mixtures of deterministic and probable behaviors, with an eye on assumptions of neutral high number laws. These high number laws stand on a principle of ergodicity (too misunderstood or wrongly mistreated). What was that meaning? - this "pensée unique" pretending to define only one kind of policy typical of a dictator (and a really stupid one, as inspired as it could be, by "invisible hand" or Arrow's democratic paradox). [Any process based on ergodicity is infinitly in smallness and number dependent effects or complete independent neutral same particles in a same box].

In common life there are clues suggesting grouping effects not so wide as pretended by "global village". Observe the efficiency of small groups as oligopoles to agree common basic distorsions (despite that, in economy, this is commonly not for being fair). Propensity of groups of operators to turn more inefficient when with more than 6 - 8 persons. Fragmenting groups into smaller coalitions when around that same number. The difficulty to maintain the coherence of a group for a long time, even with less people, even when with good will. Considerations about complexity and the development of incoherence when increasing the number of links, layers or levels. But also the means, priorities, properties, practices to program and project considering missions, subgroups, varieties of involvements, diversity of tasks for not getting bored, and so on.

Piles Units and Incorporate

Core design wil consider well to start the number of options:

This disposed in geometric schemes that could suggest forms of management and frame the treatment of a problem. The concepts are mentionned as key terms. Care not to to confuse the interface, like too repetitively using same key-concepts in the same frame. Frame can be an intermediate filter. So use synonyms when with equivalent concepts. Since final definitions of key terms will depend on context, respect to what it means (in the dictionnary), its position in the final consensual frame. It has also a meaning by its place in the frame; and from the field, which is the democratic right of legitimate actors to fix it by the way they do it.

In the process, the "framewords" of an ideograph or olicognograph turn the logical model of intervention and management and/or a tool or an aid to refer "anywhat" minded. In our mind of social utility, making community more responsible of their programs there is also simplification in lieu of a boring (?) report of hypocritical self-appraisal, like monuments to bureaucratic vanity. It takes less time to show you how a good scheme that you understood, can evidence substantial results, show a coherent management of concepts and orally comment results, during few visits at random, to check if staff has good reasons for resting.

Never Miss the Aim

Indeed it is more to proportionate frameworks to a reasonable management of a complex issues, with the ressources you have where you are, and the model, common to all and useful for a while. So you have never to miss that pratical activities, commitments and assigned tasks at your place. These will fix the coherence and utility of your logical ball and the unity of your community. There are some suggestions to preserve calculability, potential unitary coincidences, "doable" logics: never miss practical applications. Always mind the balance between complexities, things easy to do and pedagogic aids. It is better than imagine anyone, incharge of simple abstract, will necessarily produce as ordered or as specialists want to; just because the "orders were so clear, cleaver and simple that even a child could have done it!".

While exploring coherence children multiple questions that look like naive, one by one, but are more probably setting at the same time various systems by contrasting, of positive and negative pertenance. Adults always undervalue children learning capacity. "Superior" adults take too many artificial shortcuts to evidences. Only they are in their paradigms dominated culture. For universal truth they overvalue their capacity to managed social issues, at the gauge of the sophistication of their society. Ignoring that most of this sophistication have frames' simplifications so any of its members can be distributed in artificial simplified complexity to push up the probable crash of their civilization just to help the reproduction of few.

Explain why things, in peripheric worlds, do not work as in developed ones is simple in brief, but real success only show that it is extraordinarily more difficult to succeed.

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