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Structure of addictions care's package is organized, as others, with a first level (after index) of written introductions. In their paragraphs, links are dispersed in the text, click on brings you to second levels of documents, mainly composed of graphical documents or visual synthesis.

First to the olicognographs: the displays we propose for shaping your practice or logical frames (in the 3 dimensions they can be imagined as "logical balls") to overview problems. (hoping that one day they will be modular and interactive). Logical balls to help manage complexity, multidisciplinary of social problems and train your in dressing synthesis in " the realist democratic adaptations to you reality".

Then a second level of documents (at third or fourth layer) containing basic information, in a web of links. Here, still restricted by our determination of links and our pool of basic documents (one thousand of pages, some 200 dedicated to addictions care).

After then you are in sorts of maze of connected nodes; providing compact text or more often using the compacity of visual displays. Intuitive geometric logic should guide you, and making clear that your are mastering thus gathering from local environment consistent information there, adapt the tools you selected and make helpfull this provision of informations.

In the mazes proceed quietly, do not expect too much as exactly as you dreamed and, if tired or lost, you have in upper left corner the links to get you out.

Webpages after this index provide either primary guidelines, extracts from articles of review (those that landmark states the art), picked sentences (in too many different sources (to mention them all here) or introduce to essential humanist questions to wide registers of science and their social applied utility.

Our purpose is not to reinvent every writings. Most pieces of literary introduction are in these introducing pages. Not quoted also because there is the proposal of this system: at the fringes where private individual-property things should turn anonymous for public. The aim is not demonstration but pragmatic synthesis. Indeed, a matured system, in the future ? would, at best, point to detailed well explained things (like point to free well known encyclopedia's articles).

Our main ambition is to be essential and open real gates to profanes and practical critical users: the art of science is for everyone not for cryptic specialists.