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Causality after Hill

A.B. Hillís rules for judging causality adapted

Description for lower side


Description for upper side

what is the absolute size of the effect ?

1. Strength of association

regularity of issue be in an individual or a group ?

have the effect been observed in other

studies ?

2. Consistency

potential to compared alternative ?

is the cause associated with one or a few specific effects ?

3. Specificity

potential for crecruiting or engage other processes ?

do the results occur after the cause ?

4. Relationship to time

reproduction in space ? (non correlated)

is there a dose or quantity related response ?

5. Gradient in the scale of complexity

breaking points ?

is there a known more fundamental mechanism supporting cause ?

6. Plausibility a more fundamental lower level of complexity

is there some higher utility ?

does all the evidence fit all together ?

does all the evidence fit with natural history ?

7. Coherence of evidence

complementarity of evidences, fullfilling potential ?

is the evidence the result of a planned experiment ?

8. Experiment

generality of the function, unreproducibility of the form (diversity)

is the observed result similary to other disease or drug effects ?

9. Reasoning by analogy

is the result of the natural or artificial experiment find itís specific space ?

do te results satisfy elementary rules of logic, data collection, etc. ?

10. Common sense

does the result satisfy curiosity and creativity ?

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