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Addict Anonymous 11th Step

This olicognograph is like a balance of moods and effects. same way as olicognograph on sins, there is a ground of regular effects and pathological excess for each, both in the individual way when affected in their common life, as well as society. Since there is the identity that comes in and this also depends from the surroundings or society (there is a link to the first olicognograph (AAStep 1)

This olicognograph has been shaped as mixed- squares. Observe that we have 3 layers of 8 values where 4 at each level reappear in next, like making a bridge.

  1. Inner one would be in the radius of normality.
  2. mid or second one would make the interface with regular reality if not exaggerated
  3. out one or third one, as abnormal projection in the environment. We stay in the case of an individual but projecting him/ her-self erroneously here in the environment. In a normal incorporation to society this layer would not be there only normal relationships with neighbors. To the contrary sometimes it is the society or a sick culture that imposes pathological traits.


In dotted circles the precautions. They are as rules often set by society. With due respect to the person in a State of Right, but often poorly applied as to expect since people's mind are often complicated. Meanwhile, theoretically , it would be more appropriated that the same person could defined appropriated ways. Alas this also is not perfect because often with poor care social constraints (economical and without abuse of what should be shared between everyone.

These dotted circles of values could have in correspondence others in the inner circles. We did not detailed them, the frame already carry plenty of significance.

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