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Ecology Samples Quality

Quality Control Samples in Ecology

Sample type


Assessment Parameter

collocated sample

one of 2 or more independent samples collected so that each is equally representative for a given variable at a common space and time

used to estimate overall precision

Filed Duplicate

2 samples taken from and representative of the same population and caqrried through all steps of sampling and analysis in an identical manner

used to assess total variance of the method, including sampling and analysis

Replicate sample

2 or more samples representing the same population, time and place, which are independently carried through all steps of sampling and measurement process in an identical manner

used to assess total variance

Split Sample

2 or more representative portions taken from a sample or subsample and analyzed by different analysts or laboratories

used to replicate the measurements of interest

Spiked Sample

A sample prepared by adding a known mass of target analyte to a specified amount of matrix sample for which an independent estimate of target analyte concentration is available

used to determinate the effect of matrix on the method recovery efficiency

Calibration check Sample

A reference material used to check that the calibration is acceptable

used to ensure that the measurement system is under control

Quality Control Sample

An uncontaminated sample matrix spiked with known amounts of analytes from a source independetn from calibration standard

used to establish intralaboratory or analyst precision

¨Performance Evalkuation Sample

A sample whose composition is unknown to the analyst

used to test whether the analyst can produce within given performance limitations

Blind Sample

A subsample submitted for analysis with a composition and identity known to the submitter but unknown to the analyst

used to test whether the analyst’s or laboratory proficiency

Blank Sample

A clean sample or a sample of matrix processed to measure artifacts in the measurement process

used to estimate contaminants

Trip Sample

A clean sample of matrix that is carried to the sampling site and transported to the laboratory for analysis without being exposed to sampling procedures

used to estimate contaminants

Field Blank

A clean sample carried to the sampling site and exposed to the sampling locations

used to check for analytical artifacts

Sampling Equipment Blank

A clean sample, collected in a sample container with the sample collection device and returned to the laboratory as a sample

used to check thecleanliness of the devices

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