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Mood and Mental Sectors of Health


Area of Neurosis (sector IV)

Area of psychosis (sector III)

Neurological psychiatry (sector II)

Organic Clinics (sector I)


mind that there is a centrel core where any normally vary, healthilly, with up and down, exposure to illnesses but self controlled. One is represented by an area, eventually 4 (plane) to 6 (volume) vectors expanding since uitary point

Sector is previous to unit, and positive, something lack, respect to the unitary-identity perspective- representation of self. Low self esteem, oneself represent depress, eventually feel sick but not necessary with the plus of the illness

Sector is previous to the unit, so self unity is incomplete, it is also negative, as if unit coherence is not reached, dissociated or fragmented, or in the mood other(s) more than oneself. Thus hyperactive or hypoactive personnality, paranoia. Of course correlating to sector IV area

Thus after the unit, something more, eventually regression (realistic) replaced by something transitory (acute delirium: toxic, drug, etcetera) or chronic (dementia where self have regressed, and replaced like by abnormal protein - the "more). Thus "organic neurology". This sector is also the one of communication/organic defective communication.

Further than the unit, than something more in the self which can be a pathogen, or something exaggerated (or more reproductivelly a baby if pregnancy: immunologically).

Subjective coherence backward to unit (subject has no problem of identity with its illness (or according sector III or unconsciouss (sector II)


the person is a unit (sectors dimension the perception of oneself, not discuss the fact that one would be just one of two dimension, there is livebly a minimum in any, or the body die rapidly (accident, illness, suicide, loss of essential function).

Common depression would be close to the basal line, active depression would be like willing to kill oneself, suicidal intent. Intent, in a lesser degree than sector III, or according intensity to compensate (drugs, medications)

unity or self is also a construction and it change according instant, life, age or what society expect (and what brain engage). High risk to try to compensate because lacking reference of unit but also by correlation/impact to sector II.

Prognosis more according the reason (organic, toxic or the non reversibility of the added or substitutive process. Homeostasis there play an essential role in survival

« Organic » reality of illness: pathologic process or natural defense system or medical treatment gives the prognosis, generally, or correlated impact on other sectors. On can be ill and psychotic

Theoretical suggestion

of course the purpose with this conformationnal representation is to suggest that with subjective representation on the mood and the body it remains to use the complex numbers and/or the quaternions. With the interesting fact the i2 may lead to inversed (negative unit) but better in a more realitics - volumic sense complicated sense. Also there is a minimum unit otherwise life is not possible, basic function and their neurologic control should exist.

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