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P02: addictions


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Addiction Drugs Social Governance Risks

Normed State




Hypocrite social structures

Hypocrites states

soft drugs

tolerance, consensus, depenalization, borders/barriers/limits: uses & customs

dissociation tradiforms of consumption

from systemics development of crime's profits

first step, vehicle product

poor interests except as diversion ?

moral virtue for prohibitionist

demagogy and entertaining populism

lack of enforcement of justice

hard drugs

prohibitionist or harm reduction (iv users programs)

equally historically enforced by geopolitics or international trade

position according markets of best returns

no rule of law make the disadvantage of powerless

intermediate goods and services providers

of producers

public budget for reputation management

illicit drugs business systems

reruling (new laws) and criminalization or; more transparency on activities

deviations genetic selection of more harming species

excellent sense of managementmarketing

innovation and niches

(excellent innovators)

producers according geography (now somehow expose to satellite detection) more often intermediate logistic platforms

typical immoral capitalism or narcoleftism opportunism

if enough fragmented and dispersed intermediateship with lack of transparency

distribution system

reruling (new laws) and justice enforcement

social perverse de and restructuring social network based on the business (hypocrite communitarist/nist society)

originally culture tolerance may root local process development of drugs mafias turning easily to international development self enforced by economic sustainability

close links with political power, eventually playing as substitute of lack of rule of the rules of the Laws

too weak states for opposing, often tending to evolved if enough important in the dealers' logistic

individual approach know where, how & with whom care is available for when wanting to stop discuss about efforts to have quit, if something has worked.

provision system

justice enforcement, police enforcement, addict maintenance, extradition

care level of revenues from reserved to poorest

structures of development. raw and intermediate goods for production may be easy to obtain: trade and market access push constitution of cartels and organized crime in narcotraffic

may produces itself or let produce with links, according private benefits of groups or looking as public benefits that could be derived or mismanaged

commonly provide best opportunity markets

discuss about others, identify psychotic signs & coping sensibility (care not to stigmatize madness : but illness)

logistic system

police enforcement, extradition balanced by local field policies for preventing to create a local market of interest (if not producer)

spontaneous limits provided by special event symbolic consumption

development of relations of state influence, for gaining tolerance if not political power at level of general governance

structures development on services especially at international regional scale if not wider in the limit of

reputation and sanctions including geopolitical policies of tolerance

kinds of public values and respect of their implications especially on: success / opportunities, safety / cost of solidarity, human relationships / effectiveness or efficiency, esteem / non stigmatization of social losers

strategies to manage access & preventing having legal problems (involving parents (of teens)

financial system

police / justice enforcement international cooperation, to balance with the discretion, with the risks of lack of transparency

prevention of development any financing promoting system &/ or organize socially as close a possible immediate redistribution of such sources

way of internationalization or globalization in the wider web of free financial places and links to officially clean financial institutions or places

state's or society's nimby version pretending to ignore from where they have some benefit, eventually direct

impersonal public production of material of information materials, politicians, the media, parents and others can easily misconstrue

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