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How to Operate this Web Site (6/7)

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Introductions, no so "lessons" in "packages of lessons". At first to take you to some visual documents, for choosing or understanding how we forsee it should work. Before direct system interactions.


After introductory text, you go to framework support: olicognographs or ideographs. Actually most are fixed pictures but around them you have links to other visual documents that could be useful. At first only 3 levels. To imagine in the future the development of interactivity of olicognograph or ideograph. Progressive development also of interactivity with intermediate, non core visual supports and links to outsources of information and/or overall the valitation of a scheme of query, for your specific problem, condition and situation. For the moment, it is more for you to explore and train visually, use olicognograph or ideograph as tools, as a map for community practice programming processes. Then (but may be never) all that enough developed: the automatic design of query, provision of essential documents, query in other sources of information, etc.

lessons contains: out first package is about the method of olicognography. Common lesson is composed of introductory texts to send to ideographic core frameworks then to documents, as few pages as possible. Common lesson to turn in the future dynamic, modular, minimum and composed, according needs of users, detected by the system. So presently we have to make them with some boring commentaries, philosophic explanations for "determinists" and prepare them to connect to documents not as efficient as expected (on your own do not miss democratic anchor). Also some few "esoteric" explanations for the management of ideographic frames (so many people show signs of anxiety when not told exactly fake "truth" about what they have to do).

Be - for a humanistic website limited to introduction of basic categories, precautions of management an connect to visual documents - enough we hope for simple "epistemic" (philosophy of science) either: for professionnals already clear with their knowledge but willing to share visually or, high school of university students wanting to start in (visual) multidisciplinarian epistemology or, popular level willing to visualize some logical frames for "conceptual commnuty" selfhelp (using collective intelligence).

lessons packages: Before interactivity could shape you the program you want, if our portefolio or methods remain alone, it will develop, with innner connectivity in the thematic we work, in our humanist and/or professional life. General index mentions some forthcoming packages (and there is one book, in Spanish of in English - finding a publisher).


Inside Links: or links within webpages. Since the aim of this website is to open and expand turning interactive and modular, it is not to waste actually too much time in within page networking, since this can, in some years radically change, to individual consolidation of what we do or socialization toward as we hope.

Inner Links: presently there are some 50 olicognographs in the web site and some 150 visual documents in one or the other 2 basic forms (popular or advanced). Inner links are more for showing you where we hope to get. Another transition in forthcoming years will consist in making them consistently interactive, according development of this system, its ressources and dedication we can have.

Outerin Links: we have not yet clear what and how we will do with this category. It is since a core extraction (composed both of core universal method and some specified by your needs material, what to join, in a very economic way for helping you to stay open mind (to externalities, cautions, etc.).

OutsideLinks: this is more for a well functional system as in our ambition and one of a goal for achievment. There will not be any for the moment. You can eventually shape some reading sequences of key works since our visual supports and put them in conventional engines of resarch like Google. The same for quite specific terms. Another good way can consist to use electronic scientific encyclopedias (remind nevertheless to soft sciences definition better are the ones you democratically made) so, for your training prefer essential scientifc concepts, if you will not turn any mathematician or physics you will nevertheless observe those concept in the systemic you may need. For example in mathematics get to Wolfram's web ressources. Of course also Wikipedia(s) is a basic for specific popular queries.

Info Format

So visual documents, pieces of puzzles, flowcharts, leitfaden, schemes somehow complete, galaxies (of authors), tables of synthesis at first. May be in the future pictures or maps with explainaing layers, geography symbolic systems, posters, chronographies, able to be completed, developed incorporated more toward multidisciplinarity but, that could also be adapted to one sheet of paper of helping concepts as olicognographs from where also possible to extract some pattern for the honnest approach of complex humane reality.

Patterns, olicognographs provides. Many have simply be inspired by pieces in advanced scientific schemes and completed and transformed as visual tools for management.


A first we have our stock of fixed visual documents (few hundreds) to put in the web but quite heterogeneous. Some time we have been with popular training, other time as professional using a combination of traditional methods of analysis on our own. So in these first semesters, you may not be fully satisfied by documents, more willing to show the plasticity of the method, while not well adapted to homogeneous review or need. Never miss that in common practice we can often face same dispersion of necessary prospects and should pick from there and establish coherence. It is not to find here the perfect cleanlyness of your own selfish theoretical coherence as the guide for all others working with you.

With documents we focus on visual ones, because closer to everyone cognitive treatment. Also because it is not to reinvent all the text and explanations and information existing in literature. If there is an hyperinflation of useless, spurious or too contextual information in the web and invading your screen, there is also plenty of good one hard to collect despite "individual specialized division of labor. It is our goal, if this system can develop to link to that. Once we will be sure our patterns of query will prevent unecessary inflation and spurious one. To this website site dedicated to essential humane knowledge, to hope to be also a pilot-scheme for delimiting what can be qualified essential or not essential: what can help peace minded communities not to be taken for stupids because wanting to show to themselves that they can.

Our purpose is more to work on coginitive heuristics to help find your ways to define yourself, enough for detecting, even if you are not very sure, as more a citizen than specialist. The enormous potential of revolution of information should not make you pretend turning omniscient and omnipotent specialists but support your search, quest and query within information

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