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How to Operate this Web Site (2/7)

General introduction to frame around

Left and right columns and top-tape would specify profile of investigation(tor) and of information. Investigating as user, in the future, you will define where, what and how you work etc. This will profile you and help the system to select kinds of documents you may need. At the beginning they are some, not a lot, and, if we stay alone, this website will stay as the conceptual portfolio of a lonesome humanist.

Modern societies are extraordinary smart and efficient with technologies but professionnaly let to strange sort of specialists of common citizens affairs; be them: social scientists, politicians or technocrats. Most common citizens are turned rather misconnectingly producers and/or consumers; between what they should and what they can aspire. So their power purchase is made more or less socially usefull or more for feeding dreamed speculations, well helped in that by fiction and advertizing; if they do not react to such order of "globfoolcivilization".

As provider, as detailed as possible, with present frame, you will suggest us where to position your contribution. But actually all this is not active and we would use indirect ways of communication. This web site is for us (author 0...0) a portfolio of concepts and visual kinds of supports, which would like to share a vision of "world wide cooperation on essential information" with an openmind humanist philosophy that you have no need to agree nor disagree, but with which you may debate, as far as we can. Owner of the website has nothing against share collective property: this is the primary philosophy of information. But as dynamic and plastic could processes in the future and as open as we can be with complexities and sorts of new tools, it is nevertheless to have minimum shapes and structures to pretend in the future deliver a service of essential knowledge provided through manageable interfaces.

For this start, we will try to put each trimester or semester, on the web, in a very craftsman way, what we have, work or had worked. Meanwhile expecting your free contribution, we hope to listen to your suggestions, prepare for development and if we can, will remind you when functionally develop.

Development directions

Left, up and right pieces of frame will be progressively put into function, according our skills and learning. But providing with this frame since the beginning, can help potential collaborators to use them and share informative overviews they had made (and never could published? - like that).

Since many local specifications and definitions are made as late as possible, to be democratically defined, especially for most things concerning soft-socialities and possibly idiomatic understanding of scientific concepts. We will try to avoid to tell you what and how you should interpretate too soon, for not misguiding your democratic right of reasoning. But in the first times of this website there will not be much more than on what we work, or visual information that has been picked around and can be adapted fast.

Also we have a special treatment with out of this system authors; more adapted to "revolution of information":

  • Most visual documents of tables we did not made alone but transformed are mentioned as nfm: "not from me" (commonly transformed) or anfm: "adapted not from me". Indeed in both case this implies that no or very cheap fees will be covered for these: fees only for value added.
  • Reference are strictly minimum to well known author, often their name in the tittle. Not to force you to know names' authors, non relevant to your basic humane conditions. While major authors can also be introduced in different ways in documents. Indeed other systems of the sort, giving good guarantee on provided knowledge, can well do quote or refer in a more traditionnal way.
  • The goal is also that, within the one page or poster format, any visual aid could be completed and strongly compacted or had an easier version of concepts for modest people (comprehensivelly visual) and systematic and ideographically completed for "higher" level philosophers but, still within the limits of almost one graphical page format. To turn later into interactive frames.
  • As far and as fast as we can, we will put a system of payment for downloaded pages (including collaborators); within the principles of the system like modulated according the power purchase and need for development. So important systemic contributors, hope so, could be rewarded. Meanwhile it will be for accepted special work for the system, not sor for referencing existing articles (public universal right to know and be able to choose - with visual overviews - private authors rights for scientifically exact information, not directly given nor sold by this website), but accepting donations.
  • Important aim of the system is to work in a dynamic and a permanent process, in the intermediate philosophy of provision of essential choice and knowledge necessary enough for the wise development of humanity's communities. Not to substitute to systems already providing articles and definitions already for free or kinds of technical information part of technological applications that should be managed by real technicians and engineers: just for common people to be aware enough of their rights and needs. We know that this aim should be better developed since a network or a university, but we do what we can as we feel it our duty.
  • At end for local users it is to obtain a small bag of plastic methods (= plastic bag of short methods) and essential conceptual receipts, that can adapt as freely as possible to their culture(s), project(s) and people. Be essential basic overviews for choosing and doing, essential technical or scientific information for the humane development you need. We will link, very probably in the future, to other data banks of information when pertinent, shape structured pannel of key words setting your queries and, last be not least, suggest what you may need in expertise and professional support to resolve local problems; to prevent you from wasting time and ressources for sort of experts whom prefer you at their service like adorators well "willing to be manipulated by the superiority of their science".

So we will try to avoid definitions for prefering to work on kinds of intermediate elective informative documents and the sort of frameworks that can allow investigate and choose methods and fundamental knowledge. Also we hope to work on essential knowledge for humanity with flexibility accross registers, so as to cross and balance for appropriated benefits. We mind that this process is to explore a sort of huge grey zone develop between "black boxes & white boxes" of knowledge; to shape progressively, transiently and dynamically pathways; with volunteers where the basic of software will consist in detecting intentions, logics of support and needs of information for the humane benefits of needed people in their practical social dedication at a reasonable range of cover of real world complexity and good economics of information "right one" at the "right place" and at the "right moment".

So on one side, we will try to let most determinist explanations (some are necessary) to others of the net, for example with systems of encyclopedias (Wikipedias and others), search engine (as Google) which may not need so much fuss about the "design of the trees of commmunities' democracy" but to point somehow exactly to what experts needs. It is not the same to provide experts with specific knowledge and make most able to solve, once a week a community's problem with enough technical consistency then switch next week to another kind of problem, eventually created by the adverse effects of too narrow views.

Practically at first most of our effort will consist in suggesting ideographic frames of management of knowledge, that can let you enough freedom for redesign and for local precisions. Essential knowledge will appear especially as tables, flowcharts, trees toward essential knowledge, schemes; all sort of visual documents. Able to be adapted fast to your conditions or stimulating your curiosity for essential sciences. Demonstrations, detailed explainations should remain in hands of their owners; but social utility needs non expansive but serious starts.

Our concern is multidisciplinarian, for crossing registers. This may consist in joining in the same one page different hard to incorporate concepts (you have your brain and it has a flexibility much superior to any demonstration, thesis or conscious paradigm). Boards, pannels of information or data seeking to cross disciplines and detect sort of systemic coherence while lacking of it and never complete are of special interest to us. They may look like very rude and "un demonstativelly scientific" to specialists. They can even have mistakes: we do not pretend to do without local and specific critical thinking, when positive with good sense of humanity. But, may be thanks to the unity of science they can suggest to investigate cognitive structures that could "do well" crossing disciplines as real complex life do and need. At end it will be up to actors (not excluding scientists) to adapt and clean, framework, concepts, programs and information.

For the first author of this website, hope not to remain the only one; reason is to share and show flexibility, sense of complexity and kinds of frameworks it has been developing since many years and how pictures of these sorts can both inspire flexibility, systemics and democracy in social engineering (whatever in fact could be your philosophic or ideological position).

Very simply at first we will pass to this website packages, introducing register or sort of problem we examined or/and practiced during our multidisciplinarian professional life. Multidisciplinarity is still well misundertood by "experts turned bureaucrats", like if complexity could be seen by these reductionnists only as a regressive obscurantism.

A first package has to do of course with core on the method itself or main tools; we expect to have invented: olicognographs. Our field of experience was peripheric but with (advanced) scientific literature. We could have detected after our invent, existing modern "ideographers": once having matured enough our underterministic and complex principles. This core package on methods is heterogeneous and not as rigorous asit should be, but we hope that it still could show you enough openmindness and not too ideological postures or naive humanitarian ones (like thinking that poor people are not "just wrong and bad" or that rich people can "only be wise, smart, good, honnest").

Other packages will follow, we have plenty. We have also a printable book in English or in Spanish which introduce to the application of the method to different registers of sciences (in a popular form) or, arts (in a cautious way). Idiomatically perfectible (our country of origin dislike multidisciplinarian lone philosophers lost in affected globalization). There is in this a start of approach of a dozen of registers, through olicognography and suggestions for popular exercises or applications.

It has been well shown that different cultures are never less sophisticated in the wise and revealing details of their environment and that the only rude and brutal simplifications are more characteristics to invaders pretending to be superior. Any work, process, algorithm, heuristic to solution may have flowchart of various levels able to show wills, options and choices. If among communities and members of, some have the natural understanding and the talent to learn fast how they can democratically qualify, quantify and specify within one register or the other: here a support to them. Hopefully, if individual wise people are locally legitimate, we will appreciate to see them turning leaders because the advantage of their skills and good execution is based on humane ways.

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