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Organic Frame and Approaching Addictions

Basic Olicognograph: organic system

We introduce here to an organic frame, far from reality, but which nevertheless can give a "wholistic modular perspective" of a functional organic body; commanded by a system of control (neurologic)and supported by the logic of body. It is a frame already allowing to explain some complexities like network functionning. Especially if you think that "Analyzewhat" (in the table below), pinpoint not to an exact small place of the brain, to a wider network.

It is often difficult to approach people with mental or cognitive problems. Probably because their mental disorders incorporated in their system of beliefs, are felt as their identity's unity (who am I ? - anxious existentialist) but many "normal" people around, react, not in a friendly way, to sort of questionning on double of more personalities or identity disorders, stigmatizing weird people.

Normal people around does not share same sort of believable systems but may also see delirium, vivid hallucinations; lived by the person affected by mental productive disorders. These are very looking like dreamable perspective. The feeling to be someone great, to be a mentally controlled person, lived or eventually expressed as dreams they play, like to relief frustrations, but, in "normal people" not treated as true or as essential part of their unit of feeling. For "normal people" it is still "out", for mental disordered it is "in". So "a normal" can can feel unease when meeting someone with a systems of believes like "normal's dreams" but treated as part of the reality of the mentally ill counterpart.

Mentally ill people may look like close but without restrain: a situation like enviable, in many rigid societies full of prohibitions, conveniences and "reasonable ways" to think and being cautious; when speaking about oneself thoughts, for not being seen as crazy. While in other more "mystical cultural societies" some expressions of "irrationality" may received a treatment from the community that could appear "esoteric" from outside but not necessarilly less appropriated

Command System

In present frame a minimum functionning network of "commands" are "dreamed" as a wholistic interconnected mechanisms able to express complexity. Obverve a central core of 4 values be said: perception (system) - judgment (system) - coordination (system) and - practical (or praxical systems).

Considering that each component may be incorporated and made a modulus with lower and higher level of unit; say like reproduced at community-social level (extraverted) or, lower, tissue - organs level (intraverted); and no precise delimitations between levels. To think also that that network, when working makes fast repetitions, iterations, of pulses, thoughts, situations evolutions. The frame has the pedagogic virtue to open the mind on the sort of difficulties a system of control of many practical complications, so it can help to understand why perfect functionning is not so easy and as smooth as it should be, thus the case of mental disorders because of some regular delays or defective loops, lack of trasmitters, etcetera.

Such frame can also help a functional approach of the disturbances that produce addictions by their own (addiction without product) and/or using some sort of product (which will have the inconvenient to focus) on some part of the control of the mind; breaking the harmony (more or less previously fragile) of network(s), narrow mood or mental state and/or by that create suffering, because something cannot be done reasonably as others. Systematically bais a function while needing to work enough properly to survive as a whole, (addict is addict but not with only one and lone way of minding things). Frame is also able to introduce to paradoxes, compensations, tolerance and adverse effects produced by the consumption of some drugs

Review Table (expressed in a systemic way: you had in "logic of a body" a link to a living body form)

Centrally you have in dark grey a + as neurological control elements (moveone - analyzewhat - coordinate one - detectaround) and further projections in X which are mechanics (vertically: musculo-skeletal-system - protect-support) oriented or essential to the reasons of mind: horizontally feedone (sefl) and regulateloc (which need more fondamental mechanisms, homeostatis when a living body). Light grey cells represent registers of mental production. Meanwhile black cells are connection to environment (our body is an open system, to expect material imputs and feed-backs from the environment as a product of our activity in the environment.

Then the main controlled functions are in coloured cells (somehow combined as dual or by 2 components. 4 main functions (distribution: red-blood; oxygenation-respiratory-blue; cleaning-yellow system; feeding and metabolic shaping - green system). Previously mentionned X.

Table for an Organ Commanded Open System
Flowin perception of environment mechanical system of motion in environment self perception in environment Superior aerial vias
vessels for blood and lymph Social representation (attitudes) musculoskeletal system Feelone (for need of action: search -ing, seeking) conducts of aspiration and cas entry
Relateone Pushfor (pumping system defining pressure) Moveone (mechanical programs) Providefor

potential in environmentadaptation

Social relations engine the distribution, pumping system system of mechanical acting interface for carry on to flowin Pathfor
Feedone Analysewhat Onewhat Coordinateone Regulateloc
provisions from environment for feeding system of conception, programming or planning self, identify, immunity coordination of controls, interaction between registers mechanisms for local balance
common resources of environment Cleanin Detectaround Organizein perception of reproductive potential
Mediacarr system for cleaning, filtering, fluid composition system of detection or perception systems for dispatching and adaptating Matchround
Evacuate Reproduce Protectone Weldone(satis -faction ?) Includein
system of extracting, evacuating reproductive resources of environment protection cover support environ -mental captors incorporation in environment feeding entries

Now for using this frame as a tool to approach addictions and/or mental illness needs to managed the complex system as we do. Succeed to find sorts of explanations already used in this "scientific art" to mind the semantic of addiction: "system of reward" like the effects produced by the proper normal-current functioning of a network. How a drug, a dysfunction of the network may be biased, pushed, exhausted, disturbed, compensed by the consumption. Be it psychotropic (anyhow) or psychedelic, always unbalancing, substituing, unperfectly imitating some normal process but also eventually taken because common regular functionning is not perfect making the drug used for alievating pain, anxiety, suffering, depression, and more other more social and cultural reasons.

Anyhow having clear that the whole good functioning of the entire network cannot be just "perfectly served" by any drugs (psychotrop or non) in a 100% of time. At least any good real biological system needs rest, restoration, "reframing" and not wasting to much time servicing the abnormal functioning established by the "artificial mean". "Artificial functionning" because an addictive drugs needs to mimics something for turning addictive: hallucinogenous drugs are poorly addictive per se and bad trips as probable as good ones, while they may reveal psychotic sensibilities. Addictive ones parasite rather than lock.

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