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Basic Olicognograph: Statistics Methods

We are not trying to set the truth of given theories on prices in special or general places and do not pretend that the cost which are provided without mistake. Their only ambition is to provide a starter with pragmatic realistic cost, to confront to local experience of same sort of structure and, with that deduced, a meaning of the cost (complete or a public fraction interest to scale according local specifications).

There can be theoretical reasons to that between which:

  • Policies derived from social sciences have not taken, even in simulations, enough understanding of mixtures, complexity, uncertainty and need for roots in physical world. There are promising perspectives, there are still theoretical and with purpose of purification of definitions even when inapropriate and anyhow inaccurate. Nothing is very easy in all that and still great difficulties to know if modern complex perspective could suggest some approach more appropriated and/or if some patterns could be discerned efficiently.
  • Statistical technics have reached amazing progress of data treatment, exploration of signification but still ignored by many policies and by many professionals; but half-automated systems of application of methods are still poor and poorly applied (as well as too away from serious involvement). So these methods often stay in the limbo of arts. Fundamental problems of the nature and quality of data and the relations between methods, stay an art of private choice (a scientist does not make all the science and many leaders are just mismanaging results (but some are right to distrust what they are told).
  • What dominate by side of empirical use of statistics make us observe that we have a huge majority of primary intents to apply methods, not driven in a proper way. More abuses and distortion of results and methods to not to serve the purpose and possibilities of statistical methods. Good statistical investigations represent a very small part within plenty of noise and this is also a concer in scientific research.
  • Finally, considering the nature of social use of statistical data and methods, it could exist, at the same time, with good epistemologies, much better uses and intuition with minimum of formulation, enough information for not having to jump into infinitesimal calculus code writings.

To help democratic learning in blurred management of anticipations, planning or programming of projects processes there is a need for consistent involvement, enough anchored to real economics. We make a primary difference between physics' information produced by the objective discrepancies of relative maps of distribution of matter and energy reactivity, and the communication called popularly information. Communication like about population, economics, policies and so on. Communication and not information because if in essence communication should bring plenty of information, concepts carried in what are called informative messages as diffused by media, literrature, public libraries and the web, despite being quite simple tautological abstracts, have too poor relation with good information. They imply mostly specific cultural system of interpretation. They have more ambitions to carry social norms rather than basic useful knowledge.

A piece of information is to be specified, not used as definitive, nor systematically biased. That what we try in present communication of costs. Further, we will try to explore something about adjustment for networks coefficient. Letting to the dynamics of this website or to suggestions to propagate the ideas that pure formulation of economics should be managed for "humane development", more anchored to local values and have more scientific and social criteria cautious contain. Pratically costs proper management take sense when comparisons suggest more pertinent questions and support dynamically efforts to reduce costs.

Further next we will try to test some sort of different algebra and other hypothesis, like in the design of systems of weights and coefficients appropriate to adjustements that can help to specify appropriated local costs. At least to clear the idea that international disaggregated prices, can be distorted by biased heterogeneities and poor diversities imposed by mono or oligo-polies & mono of oligo-psonies may not promote good communication for humane sustainable development. Another aspect to consider is with the thermodynamical impacts on anthropic transformations of the environment so as to refer better to natural sustainability.

Meanwhile in our theoretical exploration of usefull essence, may be intermediate estimates and existing kinds of scales already existing in international supplies if their could be ground for some pratical "honnest cooking of numbers".

Of course the enormous amount and great diversity of data processed quite fast make those concepts of prices or values not as safe as you could hope.