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Balance between i(I)ndividual and S(s)ocial Levels

Basic Olicognograph: Sustainability Triangle (nfm)


Socially or democratically, it is to observe, almost always, gaps between cooperation (micro and wide) and participation, in almost any macro-projects' implementations. Project are big for most when compared to the surplus of local economy: think big is pushed even when pretending that "small is beautiful". Thinking small is a non flattering issue. Meanwhile, the hope of good proper participation is made the "Purpose of Participation" are often turned: 1) Manipulation – to keep people quiet; 2)Therapy – to make people feel better; 3) Informing – to let people know what is going on; 4) Consultation - information plus feedback; 5) Placation – appearing to meet demands for participation, but no real power sharing; 6) Partnership – shared planning and decision-making; 7) Delegated power – citizens are given some decisions to make alone; 8) Citizen Control of the whole project". (S. Arnstein). Here too motivations are not so nakedly sentimentally positive.

Share why ? - out ingenuous summary, for some crude pragmatical reasons:

  1. Essential to self-esteem: presuming that you are working for some of your basic needs and of your family or group. To suggest to extend it gradually as far as you can: humanity.
  2. Distribute safety: even just considering a keynesien view that it is to creat a society that, with some power purchase, enhance the productions of goods, services and wages. So wiselly paying for your safety.
  3. Gift: be only giving now for, speculatingly receive tomorrow, as a mean to save you future costs and / or reserve specific skills you know you will need in the future.
  4. Pleasure: back in you feeling or sense of utility, esteem or ambition to receive somewhere, sometime, in the future a pay-back, a reward, be it only for building a social place not in a too hot hell.
  5. Reputation: can bring benefits, clients, political positions, advantages in the processes of information, respect in your projects (never miss relative anonymity to preserve the sense of respect).
  6. Scale: even being a free rider, a prepotent or fake self-made human, you are in society because it is helpful, and society must exist, obtain its effects of scale as costs reductions, diversity by diversification, and so on.
  7. Construction: if you have understood that the process of accumulation is both to move social engines, make them have their cycles and must share for renewing the possibilities of everyone to live, fabric, play, compete and spend in enough good conditions or, did you imagine ? - that Prometheus, Mozart, Galileo, Abel, Galois, Sidgwick, Hamilton, Mendel, Cantor, Noether deserved such fate at the end of their lives.
  8. Density: considering that, to emerge qualitatively, things require ergodic density for better probability of questionning, appear, emerge be understood and be diffused.
  9. Reciprocity: can, at least, be seen as the economy of formalization in trade at lowest costs of information and transactions.
  10. Potlach: if the ambitious neighbor can feel forced to return you an higher gift and be ruined by the same way, societies may need banks failures (as said J. K. Galbraith) if their exhuberant investments have been useful to social experiment and well oriented virtues : do not consider that self-sake of financial systems can be the only gauge and pieces of cake they distribute between themselves, the only right thing to do.
  11. Shared Interest: with your family or your group, but care that not at the expense of humanity or forcing the sclerosis of a society of undue priviledges, for the reproduction of greed and its unaware counterpart: classes struggling society.
  12. Spoliation: may be simply to the undeserving untalented riches so they could relieved of the means of reproduction they are not able to maintain properly, so as to feed the popol for making humane capital.

See in following olicognograph the social individual of understanding the other and caring common interest (less wise people may have a silghtly different picture, but complexity can make them no less right).


Balance Levels or Relationships

Seek balances and better articulations between “vertical” and “horizontal” personal and social relationships. Be, somehow the first quite hierarchical and second ones democratic (or at the reverse), at least peer-to-peer. From this re-equilibration, even firms businesses can have profit, because they are also complex human organizations. You can imagine a balance with dual (or more) values, that resolves in just one after a realization. This can inspire some previous complex dual (of social kind) and afterward unique realization (what you finally did). This concept may inspire subjective interpretations. Balance between citizens' commitments and public institutions. Your society requires some degree of citizenship participation, good if not as crazy as most 'I' can do, that is democratically reasonable. After that, there is a balance. You can have a minimalist state if there is enough commitment of citizens.

If citizens commitments are not enough, you may have a distorted and/or bad society. If your society has too much state governance, it can become autocratic (creating complications by its oversimplifications) or too complicated by theories (overconfused by the misunderstanding promoted so). Now, you understand that the judgment is over all possible activities within your universe, that is, global. But information is not equally distributed among the entire population. Also, to judge exactly is very difficult in politics. You need enough events to make up you mind, tolerate transient unbalance, care if others are right or, include compensations, etc. Seek balance over all the matrix. For each element or argument of a contract, you have to examine 4 values, one in each sector of the matrix. Examine if the elements of the exchange are possible (to community: your right to do it) and the effect to community (the counterpart of your right: taxes on transaction, negotiation forms, etc.). Then, the object and counterpart of the exchange can put in and the negotiation can start. If any logic is specific, your trajectory in the table will step at each of the 4 corners of a square so as to conceive enforcing criteria. Under this way, you equilibrate.

Legal transactions proceed the same way. They just miss the graphical view and undervalue the transcendental axis. You have to be specific before you have to consider it and, from considering it, you may find new ideas. Not every activities need to be formalized but most need to be distributed (and balanced. You understand that any process of negotiation, whatever the object of exchange, can be made comprehensive with this kind of complex social matrix. It is complex because you must consider seriously the coherence of your concept before writing if down. Exchanges are not necessarily purely material. You can well imagine that some counterpart or reward can be nonmonetary. Under a principle of fairness and mutual respect you can use moral values to clear procedures. The use of moral concept may theoreticaly consider that it is a warrant to future payment, could remain always future. Best information frame is anyhow to have an clear virtuous balance in economy of transaction.

Black and White Boxes

With knowledge, understanding and information full of lags, lacks, "free" space (for ruled trajectories?); accounting too with places filled with fake assumptions, prejudgments and mistakes; complexity there but requiring (too often fake) "decisions" it is to conceive types of treatments of informations that we may call black boxes. Uncertainty of quantic mechanics is intrinsic, based on fundamental impossibilities to know simultaneously all characteristics of something at one time. There there are also processes as of decoherence, desembeddment by mixtures (? since not yet in the theory), byside of physics' realization (marginal-creation) or emergence. Formally there is also scale (general / local) , models of hidden variables, interactions shown by metrologic device. Many have techniques that could, one day, inspire formal treatments of complex speculations or better hypothesis of induced effects, if taking care to not confuse "objective" physics (using experimentable reproducible devices) and highly complex issues. Pure humans' speculations can be simplified by conventions, if taken properly as arbitrary factual renewable processes. Nevertheless it remains in physics plenty of things to explain as black matter, and so on, as well as "superior experiments" almost impossible to define, at least to our close phenomenology or having such a huge cost that they are hardly common and, common people can stay with the horrendous blackmail of atomic explosions or still fearing atomic powerplants.

If we want to cover enough wiselly natural complexities there are various options of treatment of black boxes. Calling black boxes what we use as a pictures of non understanding with defective contains (feew identify properly their own black-box). These black boxes of concepts and knowledge are everywhere. Sometimes, because without the knowledge, neither the understanding, nor the comprehension nor the time to examine everythings (time can be dynamic information). But afterall, at the very end of all perfect conditions, they are still there and overabundant. First it is to have a different management and care more for uncertainties, which mean to be less determinist, less reductionnist, more systemics, recognize uncertainties and care more for what "facts" do not tell or cannot demonstrate abuses of dialectics. Meanwhile also not to be mistakingly esoterical, hystrionical and deterministic with faith based alternative theories. Have for you the believes of your faith, do not make them the intolerant reasons of your misunderstandings of other cultures. Now, with speculations overfilling these black boxes with dialectics, rethoretics, mistakes that turned on one side increasingly more benign in appearance.

Methods to help to take overview exist as well as formal design to care about complexities. if they are not taken to impose reasons of hidden self-interests. Say fuzzy logic for step-wise intermediate decisions. Methods of modelling and simulations can of course apply such a way. But they must now better balance: 1) Complex margins (there are 'simplex" mechanisms of such simulations), 2) Fairly look at constrains or conditions of formal techniques, 3) Wholeness of democratic local management, 4) Get out shortsightedness of simple virtual point-mono-bivariate-linear-fixed scalar coefficients-natural exponent dimensions made by the dictature of formal modelling especially at the level of geoeconomics. All these force unique solutions, call their reason rational "only" when "only one solution". You have poor line, non thick area, no volume and no future. Fake black boxes maintained by patch-up job allowing.

Now, also at the reverse, it is to observe that formal methods from low simplicity, say crystal-like infinitely frozen algebra (as accused) have join with the perfect ergodic infinite free space motion of indiffirent particles, say-like perfect - gas statistics. There is also sort of "white boxes" where anything are so bright that just burning retina. After the flash we get no more information, only for a while, just the painfull "souvenir". There is formally, also not to imagine too many dimensions but enough and including non discrete, varying scalar coefficients, enough variables and so on. As the result the intuition or suggestion of olicogngraphy to manage a mid-on the "road to reality", types of finite algebra, openness of systems where a general solution can exist, allow some simulation of local complex "devices"; enough local specifications (including criteria of humane economics speculating on positive issues); stay for a while either as "fair subject to review" either "rightly reviewable object ": where humane sustainable solutions most probably exist. So "white boxes" must be cared too. On the real side there is a lot to discuss about efficient democracy, virtual lazzy complications, lack of wisdom, not to prejudge too much in advance. There are also methods of analysis, kinds of family of models, diversity of "strange attractors", rules of switches, paradoxes, changes of rules of game, etc. The point is also to care there about fair differentiation, differ and link, confusions, mixtures, equivalent transformations, equivalent values specifications, and so on.


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