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Economics basic Concepts

Basic Olicognograph: Classify Formal Economics

What is Economy ? Could just it not be a pretext to prevent you think ethically ?

Officially "Economics is the discipline that is concerned with the ways in which people satisfy their diverse wants with resources that turn out to be scarce and in which they try to overcome scarcity by finding and testing useful knowledge. People tend to increase their wants faster than human knowledge and other resources grow to satisfy them, so scarcity is a prevalent trait of the human condition".

Something like philosophies of actions, closely related to human daily life to prepare the future. It turned collections of basic abstract terms of social configurations and interpretations, more or less logically shaped and developed, equipped with methods overwhelmingly pretending to define societies' best policies, norms pretentiously and called rational thinking. Basic concepts are concerned by working decision, values, utility, scarcity, needs, preference, trade, money, "best", and so on. All are either abstracts terms with physical world objective issues and material mechanical relations; either providing objective behaviors of the sort eventually not grounded on material existence. Maximalist symbolic biasing unbalance and speculation put almost monotheistic unique mindedness on money and profit and the sort of reasons that justified everything as a reward of the merit of fate, hence any compulsory stuff related to money turn easily either an addiction or a vice or at the service of vice. Observing that the best domains where simplified models of rational economics apply are with drugs criminality; There everything turn minor respect to the business: basic needs, life, virtues ... everything.

Developed to look like scientific schools of economies are trying to be comprehensive and use nowaday much and many formal logics and mathematical quantification, defined or centered on scarce concepts, and group into few different main systems but all with the same goals and ambitions also well summarized: welfare, profit, interest or tellingly against. Now any system manipulates often same formal techniques apparently with an high degree of specification and sophistication to extent of concepts more suitable to theories than to practices within realities. Also different registers of methods may make most important modern sorts of differences between schools. When in the past differences where coming from warrior antagonisms. In times of poor development of methods and policies of brutal discrepancies of ideologies struggles were between founding ideas, taken as justification for blocks of geopolitical influence. Development of comprehensiveness extended up to cover better marginal defects, within mechanistic sources of methods; made progressively that even if still different in theory, framing of systems, means, covering and methods turn complementary and similar by the way they reduce and determine controls more converging toward the critical clashes of first period of globalization, with an ideology of complete - neoliberal - simplification that turned to betray all its many criteria: freedom, commitment, common sense ....

Maturing new Methods and waiting for ?

Today by side economics' newtonian mechanical formalism having inspired most of traditional quantitative economics, if we not let financial exuberance maintain its speculative rationality, we may observe maturing in economics, new sort of formalisms able to reach enough potential of scientific appearance with sophisticated interpretations. So able to bring much more formal development to theoretical economics and plenty of human-made disasters if we miss at the same time the need for common sense of humane economies. Be these new methods like multivalued-quantic mechanics, thermodynamics of irreversible open systems (linked to statistical mechanics), quantic-information and evolutionary. Methods that can fusion with other discrete computed formalism but partly complicated as with fuzzy logic, network algebra, creationist-emerging, simplexificationist-simulation using fractal or constructal schemes with cell-automata models of diffusion or percolation , and so on.

However the extraordinary development of the tools of communication have impulsed many shortcuts implemented social mechanisms of reduction, meanwhile high degree of sophisticated expertise are talking on why we should, but never on what they missed. Still reductions complicated by appearances of simplicity ('follow my babbling lips if your dislike maths' or my conferences on complexity, to avoid realities). All that gives you the feeling that economics is a matter for experts to let the traders stay operating. If society were simple, these shortcuts could have been good things. Simplifications are what we constantly do and sometimes appropriately. But as societies get more complex the more we ignore, whether or not those shortcuts are good. Too often they can be wrong and more communication does not result in clear or deep understanding. An important reason is because the simplicity of messages cannot substitute for the simplicity communities assume themselves.

Olicognograph: on the fields economics


Anchor Initiatives and Values

Theoretical economics purpose have turned to provide fully articulated, artificial economics systems, well calibrated by data, that can serve academics of laboratories on one side (debating and justifying often controversially and inconstantly) and applications (in financial markets draining savings) where speculations have been made unavoidable. Policies that would be prohibitively expensive to experiment with in actual economies can be tested out at much lower cost. To serve this function well, it is essential that the artificial ‘model’. With a general view of the nature of economic theory then, a ‘theory’ is not a collection of assertions about the behavior of the actual economy but rather an explicit set of instructions for building a parallel or analogue system – a mechanical, imitation economy.

Humans waste much time (and many in the meantime), in definitions of concepts, supposed good intentions and intents to impose them many ignoring social costs. Many of these definitions are standard and you can find them with slight differences in most cultures but vary a lot when put in realities. At the other side some very abstract are anchored to their cultural meaning. If there is not good intermediate system of translation or this not really used in a way to respect the social utility of the concept such abstracts are often use at purpose to impose an order. Overinflation of qualitative abusing concepts could be kept under control by logical formal formulation and/or quantification. Abusing by the way their ignore, reduce, impose on social relations or divert the essential social uses.

So are we anti-economics or anti-economists ? You should understand that it is not the case be critical and wanting economics practiced in a different does not put any out. Some points at the respect can be:

  • Mind to think well with what you do worth it whatever the gain, share it, does not make the common and unique same,
  • Train in plural logics may confusion your wills: freedom is not just to say no but to make this better to everyone,
  • Save safe, prepare proper will, at least makes you proud of not being ashamed of what you did or did not,
  • Get to know how to be on the go: the best may be to know the meaning of loosing and do not have to care much for that,
  • Common sense ? - that is your economy, be sure that best common sense is the ultimate of your modelling,
  • Think about all that makes yourself, empower everyone gives you more with less,
  • All is about the secret to everyone, earn tricks, get around self-limits,
  • Oversee what other see and vision yourself, that is often easier than told,
  • Find your gain and support with anything and whatever said,
  • Scarcity or not, there is always something to do better and research as human thinking,
  • Formalism of economics have broadly explored out easy limits yet poorly practice the way to be kindly humane,
  • It is critical to disguard barriers, be essential and use explored means to care the meanings of humans practices.

Olicognograph as microsystems of what to to ? only as intermediate ghosts

What can olicognography bring in the debate ? Much essential antitheorethism. Pictorially they can provides with different networked patterns making each, different economics local systems. Design them as suggested democratically, and make yours with your definitions, commitments, tools, respect, cautions without wasting fetishism and this will already a good start.

Olicognograph: produce it or trade it ? transact it or provide it ? compare it & relate it ?


...practice praxis.